Sunday, September 17, 2006

All without a publicist

Nice article in WRITTEN BY magazine (the WGA house organ) about screenwriting blogs. Thanks for mentioning and not embarrassing me.

And then today in the LA TIMES Sunday Calendar there's a big article about TV writers writing musicals and I'm mentioned there too...although I NEVER actually used the word "fab".

Usually, whenever I'm featured in an article, no matter how complimentary, there's always one thing that prevents me from xeroxing it and sending it to my relatives. I always read these things holding my breath. Other than the "fab" misquote I got off real lucky.


Alan H. said...

Haha. The fab quote is pretty funny. :)

JUST ME said...

writing a musical, huh?

interesting...that's what i'm going to school for. You tv writers are trying to put us out of business before we even get there!!

...just kidding. no rage here.

VP81955 said...

This is slightly OT, Ken, but do you know if Kelsey Grammer has ever appeared in a production of "My Fair Lady"? I was listening to a public radio show today where they played Rex Harrison's "I'm An Ordinary Man" from the original Broadway cast album, and it got me thinking that Henry Higgins would be a stage role tailor-made for Grammer's personality and talent.

Anonymous said...

When I read the article yesterday, that "Fab" rang so false to me. I thought, I would say Fab, but I just can't hear Ken saying it. So I am very usurprised to hear it wasn't true.

Kelly J. Crawford said...

My blog has a mix of personal, professional and humorous posts that are fit for anyone to read and, hopefully, enjoy. I'm not interested in page visits. That number means nothing to me. I want my blog entries to enlighten and inspire, to make you laugh and cry and get all fired up over an issue that is just as important to you as it is to me (i.e. animal abuse, child sex slavery, envirmonmental protection, growing your own indoor herbal tea garden, finding a decent foundation and finishing powder that doesn't cost $50). My posts are all over the map, and so are my readers. Some are teenagers from Canada, the U.S., Britain...all over. They're wealthy, over-achieving preppies, slacker wannabe rock stars who think school is for losers, and black lipstick-wearing Goths who cut themselves to relieve the pain of their miserable lives (been there, done that). Some readers are 20-40 year olds who are bouncing from job to job, still trying to find their niche in life, while others are rock stars, actors, producers, screenwriters...Some are 40-60 years old, married/divorced with grand-kids, who make furniture in their spare time, live on a farm and raise sheep, work in construction, government or retail.

I'm generally a very friendly and open individual and as long as you're a good person with a good heart I will consider you a friend and take the time to get to know you better, learn more about who you are, you're life philosophies and ambitions because I really and truly care about you.

When I lay on my deathbed I want to be able to say that I made some truly awesome friends along the way, not that I had a strong readership in the male 18-35 demographic, y'know?


Anonymous said...

Ken...if you didn't use 'fab", where DID you get that scent of lemon-freshened borax?