Saturday, September 23, 2006

In the year 5767

Happy Jewish New Years. It's just not the same without this man.

I'm reminded of Sandy Koufax not pitching the first game of the 1965 World Series because it was the Jewish High Holiday. Don Drysdale pitched instead. The Minnesota Twins bombed him. He was lifted in the third inning. As Dodger manager, Walter Alston came out to the mound to get him, Drysdale said, "Yeah, Skip, I know what you're thinking. Why couldn't HE be Jewish?"


branfordbob said...

...and I just know I'll be writing 5766 on my checks for months!

(Sorry..very olde joke)


Julie O'Hora said...

Merry new year, Ken.

Mike Barer said...

I posted a blurb on Dick Clark on the last New Year, Someone commented about his dark side, which was featured, I guess in the movie "Bowling For Columbine." L'shana Tovah!

Anonymous said...

Letterman had a good honor of the Jewish New Year, at the stroke of midnight they were going to drop Mel Gibson from thaty bulding in Tinmes Square!