Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My first anniversary

Yes, what a milestone. I began this blog a year ago because (a) I'm looking to raise my visibility so someone will publish my travelogues (so far it hasn't worked), (b) I have this constant desire to write, and (c) I have this constant desire to put off writing anything I'm being paid to write. I must say it's been a liberating experience. It's great to be able to write whatever the hell I want without the benefit of notes, focus group feedback, star servicing, or comparisons to FRIENDS.

When I began I was told by more seasoned bloggers to post frequently, at least a few times a week to attract an audience. I decided to post every day if I could. So far I haven't run out of topics although it helps that I can criticize anything, whether I've seen it or not.

The reaction to this blog has far surpassed my wildest expectations. It now has an audience larger than an inner office memo. Thanks to all of you for finding and staying with it. Please tell your friends. I'm too cheap to advertise. Also thanks to Howard, MK, Lee, Mark, John R., John A.,Tabloid Whore, Bob S., Lance, James, and all the other kind bloggers who've added links to this site.

As I've done in the past, I'm asking you to write today, tell me where you're from, how you found this site, and what you'd like to see or not see in the future. I've also offered any sexual advice you might need but so far no one's taken me up on it.

As I head into year two, I thought I'd link to some of my favorite posts from year one. Since I have a lot of new readers and no one reads archives anyway, what the hell? Enjoy and thanks again.


Porn Star Karaoke

My cruise

My cruise part 2

2006 Emmys review

When the MASH cast had too many notes


ME said...

Happy blog birthday! Part of what I love about your blog is I never know what you are going to be talking about, but I always know it will be entertaining and give me pause. So thanks for taking on the responsibility of doing this because so many of us really enjoy your view on the world.

Howard Hoffman said...

Hope you'll be taking the day off from work to celebrate your...

...Oh. Yikes. Wrong thing to say to a radio guy/writer.

A magnificent vintage year. Many more to come, Ken.

Anonymous said...

Hi and congratulations
I am from Madrid, Spain, 28 unemployed and with a silly nick I chose at 18 and now have to stick with it (yes, its from that Linda Fiorentino character). I got to your blog from some other spanish scriptwriter's blog. I couldn't not bookmark you, so now I enjoy a lot the daily update. Its great to be able to catch a glimpse of the minds of people you admire and will never meet. Thanks and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

If you'd feel more at home with this process, you could submit your blogs to me before posting, I'll get notes from all network heads, remove anything any one earth might be offended by, have a roomfull of my writer friends pitch alternate punchlines, and then we'll post the finished product, to which your final contribution will be the words "By Ken Levine".
THAT'S how one creates quality blogging!
How on earth did Shakespeare ever write HAMLET without network vice presidents and a roomfull of writers? "How about, instead of the ghost of his old father, he's haunted by the ghost of Pamela Anderson in a bikini, and she makes dumb/funny cracks through the whole play? And lose the murders. A downer, and possibly offensive to murderers."
Congrats on your annum. I enjoy them all, except the sports pieces, and I just skip those.

Anonymous said...

I got turned on to this site by Hoffmania. It has given me a lot of laughs, some seriosu insight into mainstream entertainment, and a copy of It's Gone!... No, Wait a Minute... I haven't gotten around to reading yet.

Thanks for the year of a lot of laughs, and the chance to look for a new familiar name on TV credits.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Ken!

Okay, so I am currently from Santa Monica (before that Canada); found you via John August's website. And I visit your blog the first thing in the morning. It's great, and occasionally I am laughing out loud in my cube.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Your tv advice re: Borat has been emailed to all my colleagues. Let the funny people write!

Found your site through John August.

Richard Cooper said...

Hi Ken,
I'm currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I found your blog through Lee Goldberg's. I've enjoyed all of your perspectives and experiences--so I'd just like to see more of whatever you feel like posting in the future! Thanks for being you! And I'm not being platitudinous!

VP81955 said...

Congrats on the milestone!

BrianScully said...

Congratulations, Ken. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, but I'm glad that I did. It's always interesting, thought provoking and funny. I admire your incredible body of work, and also the high standards you and your partner have set for comedy writers in general. I hope that someday we get to sit at the same writer's table and I get to pass you a menu and bitch about the fact that we're staying for dinner.
Brian Scully
Malibu, CA

Anonymous said...

Checking in from Richmond, Va. I found your blog via John August's site. Congrats on one year of blogging, and keep the great posts coming.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. You've lasted longer than The Ugliest Girl in Town, No Soap, Radio, and Captain Nice combined. I hope you make a run at Gunsmoke.

I have no idea where I found out about your blog, but now you're on my daily feedreader.

What would I like to see more of? Baseball. Keep us warm with a few hot stove stories.

Chuck, a Lakeland local

David J. Loehr said...
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David J. Loehr said...

Happy Anniversary!

For what it's worth, this is much more fun than "Friends."

Also, a better source for sexual advice.

As for whereabouts et al, I'm landlocked north of Louisville, KY, with a small theatre company. I originally came here via the Past Deadline blog. And what I'd like to see is more of "Upfronts and Personal," quite honestly...

(And sorry about the "removed" post, it had a typo and apparently no way to edit it.)

the third coast said...

Hi, Ken--

Happy anniversary from an FOYB (fan of your blog) from Chicago! I've been taking writing classes at Second City, so I particularly enjoy your insights and war stories about comedy writing (not to mention your humor and political sensibilities). I found your blog through John August.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, which I believe I stumbled upon with a link from a baseball site (perhaps Fire Joe Morgan)? Anyway, rest assured that every once in a while on Seattle Mariner broadcasts, Dave Niehaus recalls your law that the batter who walks to lead off an inning always scores. Unless he doesn't.

Diane said...

Hi - I found you through Bean's Blog and very much enjoy reading your blog here in the O.C.

Anonymous said...

I found your site through the occasional link from TV Squad. In the early 1980s I was an undergraduate music student living in center city Philadelphia and used to pick up weekly Variety for 75 cents at newsstands - have always been interested in behind-the-scenes TV industry lore. (Even though an old Pennsylvania hometown friend of my younger brother's is a frequently employed TV actor - who once tried out for a regular role in Becker, I believe - I'm a lot more interested in the TV business than my brother is. Or than my wife is, for that matter.) I'm a manuscript editor (science journal articles and fiction books) in Silver Spring, MD. Keep those stories coming!

Anonymous said...

I live in Dallas, Texas. And an old friend, blogger, and well-oiled subversive, "Warren Fleece" hipped me to your musings.

Always a treat! Personally I like the travel stories, i.e. San Fran. Very funny!

But the yarns about your sitcom adventures are... well... I know it sounds corny, but they're very educational! Breaks the merciless, monotony of my copywriting purgatory.

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov Ken. I'm right down the street (the Valley) and started receiving some of your morning after reviews (Oscars etc) from an old radio buddy in Conn., Bob Levy. He loves you. Most comedy writers aren't very funny, how else can you explain 'Til Death? I was pleased to find out you had gotten serious enough to start up a blog. It is a mostly thankless undertaking, especially if you like validation. I suggest you forget about blogfame and fortune and simply concentrate on just making the 17 of us happy.
Keep up the good work.
Is the Fire Joe Morgan site still around? He is insufferable. He is to the broadcast booth what a rotator cuff tear is to young prospect.

Goedi said...

I was sent a link (by someone on a show I work for) to your Sorkin parody. Oddly, I don't have TV, so that particular post didn't do much for me, but I started nosing around and got hooked.
I'm in Brooklyn.
(I really wanted to wait until I had something more intelligent and meaningful to communicate, but you asked.)

Anonymous said...

Oddly I found out about your blog from a bathroom wall in West Hollywood... but that's a story for another day.

Here's some trivia... I once attended an Angels/Baltimore game courtesy tickets secured by a big time Hollywood writer who had become a baseball announcer. We never met. My two memories about the game were that George Wendt was also at the game, presumably courtesy the same famous Hollywood writer. On one occasion he returned to his seat with a beer or two in hand and all the fans in the area gave a him a Cheers like "Hey Norm" greeting when he arrived at his seat. (Maybe you had to be there... it was funny)

The other thing I remember was it was a very close game... Kirk McCaskill had pitched well and the Angels took a 1-0 lead into the top of the ninth. I can't remember who has pitching in the ninth for the Angels but they proceeded to give up a single and then a home run (the proverbial "bloop and a blast") and just like that the Angels lost 2-1. Pretty typical in those days for the Angels. As someone once said... you can look it up.

Anyway... a belated thanks for the tickets. Perhaps next time you could arrange for a game that the Angels would win. (Thankfully a much more likely outcome these days.)

And finally I read your Emmys post; I worked on the show and I'm surprised you didn't like Conan's opening. Generally I'm not a big fan of his work but I found the Music Man number to be clever (lyrically) and entertaining. More importantly; he was a real pleasure to work with, no attitude and very professional.

Happy Blog Day,

A Fan

Mike Barer said...
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Mike Barer said...

Ken I really enjoy your take on the Hollywood scene. Since you have written on most of my favorite shows, you have brought lots of laughs my way. I linked to this site from "A Writer's Life"
Congrats on 1 year of blogging and thank you for the Lloyd Thaxton link. It brought back so many great memories.

Anonymous said...

Ken -- I don't know how I found you, but I know why I love you. I live in Seattle, a since-day-one Mariners fan who fondly, obsessively remembers your too-few years in the broadcast booth with Dave Niehaus (see I even fantasize that the opening created by Ron Fairly's retirement might be filled by you, but my logical side knows better. But when Niehaus has to finally give it up (which, sadly, seems imminent), maybe our chances go up.

As a movie fan, I enjoy your inside baseball (there it is again) reports from and about Hollywood, which is something we don't usually get here in Rain City.

But most, and best, of all, you write exactly the way you spoke through those long Summer nights on Ms Radio -- as though you were chatting with my daughters and me around my dinner table. I just like you. My sane brain tells me not to believe your Hollywood Image, just as I cautioned my daughters not to fall in love with Junior and A-Rod. They didn't listen to me, and I don't either.

Keep it up.

The Ump

Anonymous said...

Kudos for continuing to hold on to the "Levine Luck". Hell, somebody in the family has to...

It's not hard to say, but you're just as good (some might even say better) than that other Levine kid.

It's raining like hell in Portland (go figure), I'd rather be in Madrid. LA for the weekend sounds good too.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I have no idea how I originally found your blog, but I've been with it since February or March. I'm an actor who dabbles in writing. Every once in a blue moon I'm funny.

So check out my blog May, 2007.

Hollie Nell said...

Okay, to be honest when I first found this blog it was just because Alex Epstein linked to it and I too was putting off writing anything that might actually get me somewhere. But I kept reading because everyday it was something that entertained, provoked or made me think, someday I want to do THAT. I'm still a long way from being at that point but seeing how your career has evolved gives me hope. I also watched an episode of Mash this weekend. It was about communism and Margaret was accused of being one and asked to name names of college friends and lovers. I am from the Friends, Seinfeld generation but honestly, I haven't watched an episode of television in recent years that made me laugh, think and cry all in less than 23 minutes. I don't know if it was you or some other writer and I'd love to know who it was simply because it was brillance and I love to recognize true brillance.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ken.

I'm Mike. An ad writer up in Seattle at an agency called Cole&Weber. And I'm a Mets fan. And now I'm starting to warm up to the Mariners.

Which is to say I love teams that consistently overperform to lose and break my heart later in the year than they should. Usually. SOmetimes they live down to their potential. Like the Mariners did this year.

I got to your site from a different blog. I forget which. Defamer? Deadspin? I only look at blogs that start with D. I don't think it was Dlisted.

I get a kick out of the fact that your complaints, observations and advice are all of the same stripe and color of my yakkings with fellow ad grunts.

Of course, you TV guys have it better.

We get paid with free food during shoots. You guys get free food all the time.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BLOG BIRTHDAY! I was born and raised in Renton, was never a huge fan of the Mariners except when Danny Kaye was a part owner the first year or two. Wish I would've heard you do a play-by-play though... I found your site through TVSquad, and find it informative for an aspiring TV writer and just plain hilarious more often than not. For me, the best entries are ones that cover the actual mechanics of writing for TV, whether you talk about writing, working with actors, crew, producers or network hacks. All could ask for is for this blog to continue for a very long time!


I come from Spain, and I found your blog just searching the web for screenwriting and so, and following some links.

What I would like to see here in the future is more of the same that I've seen: fun, great tips, ironic points of view about the tv market, etc.

I have my own blog, (actually, it's been its first birthday too), and here goes the link of one of your posts, translated into spanish:

It's now okay to kill actors.

Happy birthday.

Daniel said...

Congratulations, Ken, happy birthday!

I am also a writer living in Madrid, Spain (sorry, Corey, it's raining here too)

Got to your blog via el pianista's (see previous comment) and john august's blogs.

It's great to get up, check Google Reader and notice that every morning there's a Ken Levine post to be read while drinking my first black coffee of the day.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Detroit, MI and Washington DC. Found your through John August and Julie Goes to Hollywood.

Hennell said...

Yeah, I can't remember when or how I found your blog, but its good reading and a regular enjoyment*. Congrats on the mile stone and keep on writing.

(Except for all the american refrences I don't get.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blirthday (Blogday?)!

England, don't remember how I found you, but I'm sooo very glad I did.

More of? Just keep writing.


Anonymous said...

tell me where you're from:
Wrinkle Wranch in Florida, home of Retirees and their Geezettes.

how you found this site:
You told me about it before you started -- lucky me.

what you'd like to see or not see in the future:
More of the same. Don't change anything. It's the high point of my day, other than waking up each morning.

any sexual advice you might need:
I'm afraid it's a little too late for that.

On behalf of the untold numbers in Levine's Levity Legions, we thank you most sincerely for this daily dose of chortles, giggles and guffaws. Imagine how terrible life would be if we had only Wolf Blitzer to keep us company.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Ken.
(Now if we can just figure out a way to sell the blog to the network...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken

I never knew there was such thing as writer blogs for the longest time. I came upon it accidentally while surfing for stories about tv shows, of which mash and cheers and taxi are my favorites.

i always check in on your blog, first thing when i come back.

i look forward to anecdotes on mash, and especially any tips or expereinces you can share about writing for cheers.

i hope to hear more mash stories, especially AFTER MASH.


IAN GURVITZ's book was a hoot to read. And so was phil rosenthal's book. Looking forward to yours.

heard some good feedback abut the Fountain. But you apparently thought its malarkey. would be curious to find out why.

anyway, darren aronofsky, is still trying to write something bold and different and for that, i applaud him. i am sure he tried his best.

this is andrew, signing out..

Lance Mannion said...

Upstate New York, in a town with two prisons, although I swear I don't reside in either one.

I think I found my way here via John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey.

I came for the TV insights, and keep coming back hoping for the news that some book editor somewhere has gotten smart and snapped up your travelogs. The New York City notes were a riot.

Happy Anniversary, Ken. Many happy returns and click throughs.

Stormy said...

Congrats, Ken. Typing to you from Charlottesville, VA, and found you through Deadspin linking to your Sorkinesque baseball script. Also, an ex-pat Orioles fan until Angelos lets his baseball people do their job, and one of the purchasers of It's Gone, No Wait a Minute in hardback. I'm just happy to be reading whatever you're writing each day. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I'm 32 and from Norway. I discovered your blog through the links on John August's blog, and I'm a dedicated reader. Not only do you post more frequently than August, your page loads much faster in my browser (Safari) than his page. Way to go!

What would I like to see?

Well, as you've already reviewed the Emmy 2006 show, and you are known to review show you've never seen, I would LOVE to read your review of the nominees for the International Emmys, based on the short clips and descriptions on their web-page. Especially since I have written one of the series that are nominated. The awards are announced November 20th, and it would be cool if you made it before that. And, as I'm not in the position to pay you anything for this, I guess you'll JUMP at this suggestion. :-)

Btw, I recommend your blog to everyone and I do have a link from my dreadful web-page.

Good luck on year two!


Anonymous said...

Congrats...still look forward to it everyday. Need the laughs more than ever these days.

And thanks for the heads up about Great Big Radio. Listening to it right now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Spain. We are many writers that are addicted to this wonderful blog.

Keep on rockin´, and writin´and f...

Anonymous said...


Congrats on your one year anniversary! The only thing I can count on myself doing on a regular basis over the course of a year is losing more hair....

You've kept me entertained (and lifted my spirits on many a dreary morning) with your blogs... Keep up the great writing and keep us laughing!

Anonymous said...

I started blogging three years ago to create visibility for my writing. But blogging has a way of taking on a life of its own -- it's so immediate, bringing you directly in touch with your audience. And it's addictive.

I discovered you from someone's link to your Sorkin bit (which was hilarious). As an aspiring TV writer myself, I come here to learn. You don't know it, but you're mentoring me. And probably many others as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Washington, DC. I found your blog through Defamer and got hooked. Happy anniversary!

Beth Ciotta said...

Happy Anniversary, Ken! I initially found you through Lee Goldberg's blog. I've been a regular visitor since. No special requests for the coming year except that you keep on doing what you've been doing. :) As for me, I write romantic ficton. Live in New Jersey. But you knew that. :)

Joey Smallwood said...


Found you via Lance Mannion's blog, which was found via another blog, which was found via... etc.

As other commenters have said, I never know what I'll see on your blog, so that compels me to visit every day. I enjoy equally your take on everyday life and your business as much as your recollections of your previous work. Keep doin' what you're doin'! All the best!

Joey Smallwood

blogwriter said...

Toronto, Canada

I heard about it from

This is the the first thing I do every morning. I get into work, sit down at my computer, activate Internet Explorer, and go to the bookmark labeled By Kevin Levine.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogday! I especially enjoy reading about the shows you've worked on, but everything you write is pretty doggone entertaining. I can't recall how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm sure it was a link from another writer's blog. And I read your blog at work, in The Loop, in windy Chicago. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to another years worth of Mary Tyler Moore stories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

I am from Murrieta, CA. I'm in radio and found your blog via a link on LARADIO.COM

I'm also a lifelong TV addict who likes your stories about the miserable stars you've worked with over the years. Love the blog! Don't stop!

The Curmudgeon said...

Checking in from Chicago. I don't remember how I found your blog, but if it's really only your first anniversary, I've been with you for quite a bit of that time.

Actually, the first anniversary of my blog is coming up too. We have so much in common. (pause)

Except that your blog is always funny. (pause)

And has a lot more readers. (pause)

A lot more.

I check in every day and look forward to doing so for a long time to come. I still haven't figured out how you got to be a famous screenwriter and a baseball announcer all in the same life.

I particularly like the baseball stories... but I enjoy pretty near everything you've done here... (pause) except I cringe when you dis Mary Tyler Moore. Some things maybe I wasn't meant to know.

Anonymous said...

Chicago here, via Mr. Mannion.
I never miss a day.

TV Minion said...

In from Toronto, directed by Alex Epstein's blog! Thanks for all the great reading!

Steven said...

New York, NY. Found you through a link to the Sorkin parody on NRO. Much as I enjoy all the TV/movie posts, I would also like to hear more about baseball.

david golbitz said...

Congrats on the blog birthday. A year of nearly daily posts is damn impressive.

I'm in Omaha, NE and I think I was directed here by the ol' Kung Fu Monkey. That sounds right.

As for what I'd like to see in the future, just more of the same. It's all good. Though I especially enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories from the shows you've worked on, and reading the scripts excerpts.

Anonymous said...

Happy first! I found your website when I did a Google on some question I'd had about Cheers. That's my favorite comedy, and Google brought your name up on the first page of results.

Hope you write a book sometime on comedy writing. Your posts about it are so insightful. A working title for it would be, Good Times With Mary. Make it a memoir with lessons about the craft.

Anyway, thanks for the commitment to your blog. When you wrote for Cheers and other shows, Ken, people were laughing at you, but they didn't even know your name. Now, through your posts, people can laugh at you by name. I know I do. Thanks.

EditThis said...

Someone just turned me onto your blog yesterday, knowing my love of hockey. And now that I see it's (somewhat) entertaining, I think I'll check in every day.

I'm in Pasadena, and have just started to write my own blog. I think I have a readership of 5, and two of those people are my mom and my dad.

Thanks for posting every day. I'll look forward to reading it from now on.

(I'm too lazy to advertise, too)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. I found your blog by typing "executives suck ass" into Google, 38 times. I am a tv writer. I don't know where I live, I haven't been home for several months. In future posts, I would like to read about your intereactions with agents and managers.

wcdixon said...

congrats...found you via the usual film/tv writer suspects beginning interestingly enough with 'A Writers Life'.

Stay the course...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love this blog!

My name is George Tramountanas, I tried to break into Hollywood once (another story for another time), I live in Seattle, and my blog can be found at

Thanks for all the fun!

Anonymous said... are a success, even in Hollywood terms, as you've kept longer than a gallon of milk. As a longtime fan of your on-air work saved at, I consider myself fortunate for your commentary every day--compared to the poor souls who only got Beaver Cleaver once a week.

Anonymous said...

Why am I reading? Tipped off by Wolcott. Enjoy the mix of insider knowledge and discussion of craft. And , of course, the baseball. A writer not in the showbiz, but with some family history of involvement on a minor level.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary VEEN! I'm a starving musician from Pasadena, I like comedy and baseball, so your blog is perfect. Tim McCarver ain't
all that bad, c'mon. There are MUCH worse guys behind the mic. Take Ralph Lawler, for example.Ugh!
Any Calista Flockhart tales? Give us some behind-the-scenes-with-the Simpsons stories if ya got any.

Anonymous said...

I'm Paul, originally from Minneapolis but moved to L.A. about a year ago to be a writer. I can't remember if Defamer linked your blog, or if they linked someone else who linked you. Either way, I'd be interested in hearing your voice, since you used to be a sports announcer.

Also, I'd like you to post the addresses of all the development heads at the studios, so I can send them my pilot about porn star karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Day

I'm originally from Michigan....Boulder Colorado transplant...been here in the land of almosts (LA) for twenty years...been checking in since you started...either through John August or The Artful Writer...I've only told one person about your site...Arthur Price.

Don't change a thing.

Mark Bennett

Ann said...

Hi Ken! I found you through fellow author Beth Ciotta and I'm so glad I did.

I write erotic romantic comedy so I don't think I need to take you up on the sex advice, but I'll definitely sit up and beg for more comedy.

As far as I'm concerned, you can't overdo the M*A*S*H posts and I absolutely adored your piece on Fritzell and Greenbaum. More, more more!

I grew up with high quality television--used to stay up all night watching Honeymooners and Burns & Allen reruns--then graduated to Carol Burnett, Newhart, MTM and the priceless years of all your shows. And then...nothing. Wahhhh! What happened? I share your outrage and frustration. I don't want my daughters growing up with The Girls Next Door.

The other day I noticed M*A*S*H DVD sets at Target. I'm getting them for the fam for Christmas, and then I'll bring 'em in here for a behind-the-scenes peek.

Your blog is helping to keep great writing and great TV history alive. Happy first anniversary, and many many more!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for writing your blog:

I'm from NYC and found you through John August's blog (which I found through an article in the NY Times).

I like the writing advice and stories, especially the inside knowlege of the business and TV shows that you worked on (any stories about EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND?). The travelogues are nice once in a while. I don't care for the sports nor political writings.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how I came across your blog, other than I was reading someone else's that mentioned you and thought, "The guy from Cheers? Surely not."

Anyway, congratulations on the anniversary. Your blog is entertaining and informative every day.

Jim, Russellville, AR.

VP81955 said...

Just so you know, Ken, there's another potential broadcast opening:

Remember, it's always sunny in Philadelphia...even if the Phillies' fans aren't.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary - I live in Dallas, TX and work for a company that provides intellectual property and E&O insurance to internet/tech companies. I found a link to your website on another screenwriter's website who had come to us looking for insurance. I like your site because the writing is good and the subject matter is entertaining. I never know what you'll be talking about and the writing is good. I added the site to my favorites as soon as I found it. You and Lance Mannion have the best 'screenwriter' blogs IMOHO (some are way too dry unless you're in the industry). I'm a political junky, but that can be all-consuming so I've started to branch out to blogs unrelated to politics. Not into your baseball stuff so much, but it's still entertaining since I'm originally from the NW. Here's to another year - and hopefully you'll find someone to publish your travel material. Your writing is so much better than many travel books there I can't imagine you not fulfilling that goal. Keep it up!

julius said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
julius said...

Happy Birthday! Love the blog. Julius Sharpe, Santa Monica, CA

News As Gossip

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, I was reading a post on tvsquad, and they casually mentioned "Ken Levine's blog". "Holy crap!" I thought. "He was my favorite M's play-by-play guy!". I knew you had written on MASH and Cheers, and I was a big fan. So I jumped to your blog, bookmarked it, and have been a reader ever since. Thanks for existing.

Malachy Walsh said...

Congrats, man.

It's a great blog. I always enjoy checking in on it.

Anonymous said...

I followed a link from TV Squad and book marked you, I stop in everyday.

You are the most amusing blog, followed by

Thanks Ken

PS Stay away from politics

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy! It's a great treat that I stumbled upon this, as averse as I normally am to the world of blogging. Please keep the hilarious stories of sitcom days coming!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on one year. I have been following for two months and I love the reposts. I am a 44 year old stay-at-home father of a 2 year old daughter. My buddy told me about your blog, but I have been a fan of yours since your Mariner broadcasting days. My favorite Ken Levine comment...

"Randy Johnson calls time out to tie his shoe. That's his right shoe for those of you scoring."

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

You are a funny guy, even in the smallest details of the most routine trip.
I saw a TV Squad link to the Sorkin parody.
I am a technical writer and I always used to think people who wrote for TV shows must have it pretty good. I see that office poltics are office politics!
I read "Showrunner" and "Which Lie Did I Tell?". Tho I never aspired to be a screenwriter, I think it's very interesting to learn how it all works!
Cheers, (so to speak)

Anonymous said...

Signing in from the OC (Costa Mesa).
Being an aspiring novelist -- who just finished a mystery that involves Hollywood -- I've found your blog to be required daily reading.
Love all the anecdotes about the writing process and working with Mary Tyler Moore. As a lifelong baseball (Padres) fan, I'm also partial to those observations, especially because the MLB will be the focus of my next mystery novel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Congrats on a year of funny posts. I came to your blog by way of Defamer; in September I believe.

I think your blog is quite a find, especially since I'm a huge Cheers fan. I was raised on it, and I always thought it would be cool to write on a show like that. So it's really people like you I should blame for wasting my Twenties on writing spec scripts instead of going to law school and paying bills.

I live here in L.A. I don't have a blog, though I've mulled over the possibility. I post on all things television on as "Hairymango". I actually meant nothing dirty by that moniker at the time, but I have come to embrace my oversight.

Please feel free to give more information on: being an Emmy voter, working with the Cheers cast and crew, and writing for television in general.

Anonymous said...

Signing in form Chicago and I've been reading for several months. It's tremendous fun and one of the few must-reads on my bookmarks. I dioscovered this blog on a random search for the book "Hello Lied the Agent" written by one of your pals. I'm a slowly sports editor but an avid TV industry watcher and in the future, I'd like to hear more stories about the shows that never got made or get made. And let me know if you get back this way to visit your daughter; I'll buy the pizza.

Anonymous said...

How did I find your blog? Well, let me think -- I believe it was when you sent me an e-mail telling me I had to check it out...or else! I'm nothing if not obedient. I read it every day and enjoy it everyday. Okay, I lied. There were a few posts about something called "baseball" that I just didn't understand. Congratulations, Ken. In addition to all that you've written for TV and movies, your blog has added a great new category to your body of work. Great stuff! As for what I'd like you to write about in the future -- your call. Though how great it was to work with Dave Hackel for all those years would definitely be of interest to me.

All the best,

Dave Hackel

Miles said...

I'm a little late to the congrats, but what the hell, congrats! I've been a fan yours and David Issacs ever since the MASH days.

I'm in the industry, work in L.A., and stumbled across you from visiting

I would love to see more stories about writers -- old and new. Once they're seen as past their prime, they're seldom heard from again.

I also love your posts about the various shows you've been on, random thoughts and baseball.

You rock. Happy anniversary.

Spencer said...

I've been reading for about a month now. A columnist at Maclean's magazine in Canada kept linking to you so I checked it out and I like what I see.

Anonymous said...

Nice to get one year out of the way. A friend of mine (who gets paid to write books) pointed your blog my way. He from NY and me in CT read you each day--always a pleasure. For the future? More MTM stories or any info on how they make those tiny sandwiches in the Palm Court at 4:00pm.

Uncle Patrick said...

I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work, Mr. L!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Ken!

From Houston TX here (but I was not born in and will never be a Texan).

Found you via John Rogers and/or Lee Goldberg.

I think my favorite posts are the sitcom reminiscences. The backstage stories are fascinating. I also like your discussion of craft--how and why a scene ended up the way it did, the way you choose beats and acts, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ken, Congratulations on your milestone. It was Don Barret's site that pointed me toward yours. I needed no introduction of course since I'm keenly familiar with your work. From Beaver Cleaver on the radio to your witty baseball commentary. I love your take on culture, people and places. While I favor the radio and sports stuff, even the mechanics of your day job I find interesting

In the event next year doesn't bring the writing jobs you desire I'll share this from…..hell at least it's a relatively easy commute.

Bill Nesbitt

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No.2 play-by-play announcer. The 66ers are the Class-A
California League affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This year-around position will be heavy on sales, both
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This opportunity is pending the completion of a radio deal
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Attn: 66ers

Anonymous said...

Love the site! Especially love the talks about the television shows you've worked on. As a long-time fan of your work (I recognized you and David as writers worth following during M*A*S*H) I just wanted to say it's a pleasure to be able to write and let you know the enjoyment you've brought me over the years.

As for me, I'm from New York originally, but have lived in Los Angeles since 1980. I worked my way up the TV ranks as a go-fer, a production assistant, etc.

I spent about 10 years writing animated programs, working for all the major studios, before shifting gears about 20 years ago and moving into advertising.

I visit your blog mostly daily and appreciate all your efforts!