Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jay Leno

Numerous readers have asked what my take is on NBC's announcement that Jay Leno would be moving into primetime five nights a week at 10 pm next year. Will it work? What does it mean to the industry?

My answer, in the form of a skit, gets posted later tonight.


Anonymous said...

And can you also tell us how Conan O'Brien has managed to keep his job all these years?

Anonymous said...


10:00 Obama joke
11:35 Obama joke
12:35 Obama joke
1:35 Carson Daly achieves the impossible & comes off even staler... Obama joke

P.S. - Check out Jimmy Fallon's webisodes that began this week, which begs the question... Why him? The future Late Night could be Carson Daly/Magic Johnson/Chevy Chase all over again.

Tallulah Morehead said...

So now you're doing teasers.

What does Ken think of Jay Leno?

Film at 11.

The world to end in five minutes. Why?

Tune in at 11.

Anonymous said...

Basically, NBC has just thrown in the towel. They're announcing to the world that they don't know the first thing about programming and they are not even going to bother to try anymore.

Nathan said...

But does the mean all my friends making a living working on the various Law & Orders are gonna be out of work? Or is rape moving to 8:00pm?

Anonymous said...

Law and Order creator Dick Wolfe will write Jay's "economy is so bad" jokes. Instead of ending in a rim shot, it will be a "doink doink" sound.

Anonymous said...

Why not 10 minutes of a Leno monologue and then an infomercial. NBC wants to make money ... Jay has no talent so I think it would work!

Buttermilk Sky said...

A late-night host moving to prime time? It's genius! No one has done it since Jack Paar in 1962.

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