Thursday, December 18, 2008

The next time someone says "It'll be a cold day in hell..."


Anonymous said...


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Go figure

Anonymous said...

Hell = Vegas?

Well, I have always thought so, anyway.

Merry McKwanmas, Ken, family and fellow readers!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, very true.

Looks like I avoided that Vegas vacation package just in time!

Nat G said...

It looks exactly like what you'd use as the opening image of a climate-based end-times movie. (If it was an action film, in the next minute we'd see someone skiing down the Luxor.)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your Contribution Christina. I could try to explain to you why this is one of the signs of global warming but I guess the "more water in the air due to higher ocean temperatures" would go a little over your head...

Max Clarke said...

There's an episode of Cheers when Sumner Sloan returns to try and take Diane away from Sam. Threatened by the chance he'll lose Diane, Sam listens to Cliff's suggestion that reading War And Peace will impress her.

Things don't go well when Sam goes out to dinner with Diane and Sumner. In frustration, back at Cheers, Sam says, "Before I read War and Peace in five days just to impress some broad, it's gonna be a cold day in Minsk!"

It was a funny line and got a good laugh, but it always seemed illogical. Minsk is supposed to be cold.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that it stays in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your contribution, Sebastion...but the temp has to be LOW enough to snow. One of the driest places (least percipitation) on earth is Anartica. This what the entire planet could become if we don't have ENOUGH greenhouse gasses. Al Gore (and his enormous carbon footprint - private jet) may not have heard of the Ice Ages, but he is (inadvertantly) forestalling the next one.

Unknown said...

The low Temperature for Las Vegas in December (and till February) is 1.11 degrees Celsius (34 F), which is 1.11 degrees C above the freezing point. In higher altitudes the temperature is lower, therefore snow could build in Vegas all the time.

The reason it does not snow is the missing water in the air, which could be due to something call "desert climate".

Maybe the middle ground would be that this is neither a sign for global warming or against it since I learned in 6th grade that it snowed in the Sarhara in the past too but then again usually people who leave those neat "global warming my ass" comments usually know no middle ground.

Unknown said...

small addendum:

The reason it doesn't snow in Antarctica is the same as it is in Vegas or the Sahara. The climate is arid. There's no water there for it to snow.

I seriously am baffled by the sheer amount of ignorance. I mean you clearly reply to my comment with a summary why you are wrong and I am right and add an Al Gore comment to substantiate your non-existant point or better you don't even notice your cluelessness.

It's kind of amusing.

Unknown said...

Oh wait, I have another one:

You might have seen one of those documentaries on TV where they drill holes into the "snow" (or better ice) in antarctica to melt it in a lab and find out what the concentration of various materials in the snow was 5000 years ago.

I'll give you a small hint: if it were snowing in Antarctica on a daily basis, and the temperatures stay below the freezing point at all times during the year

a) How high must the snowpile now be after roughly two billion years?
b) Does the snow that falls there melt? If you think yes: how, when it's below 0 deg C at all times? (hint: global warming is not an answer)

I guess you belong into the group of people who also believe the reason for the moonphases is the earth's shadow...

Anonymous said...

"Max Clarke said...
It was a funny line and got a good laugh, but it always seemed illogical. Minsk is supposed to be cold."

Ah Max, Sam's cluelessness as to the climate in Minsk IS the joke.

I am impressed that you managed to miss the joke altogether, yet you still found it funny.

Anonymous said...

Global warming, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Going back to the actual topic:
Nat G, I had the very same thought when I saw those pix! I hadn't gotten as far as "skiing down the Luxor" Great image!

Anonymous said...

Whoa people.

As the saying goes: Arguing with someone on the Internet is like the Special Olympics: Even if you win, you're still mentally challenged.

Rue said...

Eh, it snows in Hell pretty much every least the one in Michigan.

When I was a kid, I lived outside of Detroit. On a church trip we were once pretty close to Hell. So, after dinner one night, we went there for ice cream. Not many people have say they've been to Hell and back, on a church trip and the ice cream was pretty good.

The Curmudgeon said...

Nice try, Mr. O'Hara, but you can't talk to a Zealot. They have an Answer for everything. It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be shouted with Absolute Certitude. (Capitalizations intended.)

Meanwhile, I thought what happens in Vegas was supposed to stay there, too, but I just finished shoveling six inches of snow off my driveway in Chicago -- and I'm told this is the same storm that hit Vegas.

By the way, what do you suppose was the percentage of the casino denizens that had no idea that snow fell there?

Word verification: "cotud." Sure. Now that the contest is over.

Anonymous said...


Global cooling my ass.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Curmudgeon.

Glad someone could follow my post. I tried to figure out what Sebastian said in his latter posts, but freezing temps (C's) (wow, now I'm getting scientific!) in the higher atmosphere - that's every place on the planet, Sebastian...and...what...?

Anyway, what I could say? I don't have any "middle ground" to stand on.

As for the phases of the moon being caused by an eclipse by the Earth...I hadn't heard that one. Thanks, Sebastion.

I learn something new all the time.

Hey! graci (my word verification) is pretty cool. Sebastain, given enough time, could you make a name out of that?

Unknown said...

I don't get the name question and honestly I don't get why you translate "higher altertitudes" into "upper atmoshpere.

You know that the difference between rain and snow at ground level depends on whether water that might have been frozen higher up in the air melts on the way down.

You now, the idea behind the ice cube... and the snowman... ice doesn't melt instantly and if it's cold enough further down then it won't turn into rain.

The other thing is that there needs to be water in the atmosphere for it to snow and because you might've been taught in school that the sun evaporates it for it to rise up and form clouds and you maybe boiled water in you life once and witnessed how it just vanishes from a certain point on, that the higher the ocean temperature the more water gets into the air - another reason for more violent hurricanes, but I digress...

For it to snow in Vegas, there needs to be water in the atmosphere. It's cold enough every year for it to snow.

And I love it how when on the internet in a discussion one side doesn't have any arguments anymore they drag out the "discussions on the internet are for morons" card.

Next step: calling me a nazi. Can hardly wait for it.