Saturday, August 01, 2009

They love me in prison!

Just received this lovely letter:

Hi Ken,

It's Skip from ADX Florence Supermax prison in beautiful Florence, Colorado. Big fan of your blog. Especially enjoyed the Katherine Heigl piece. Below is a list of all my bitches. I've invited them all to sign up for your Twitter feeds. If any do not please let me know their names and I will knife them to death.

Also, I'd like to offer a challenge to Mofo in Pelican Bay, ThunderDave in Wallens Ridge State Prison and Cannibal Dundee in our sister facility, Goulburn Correctional Centre in Australia. I bet I can get more of my bitches to sign up than you. The one with the least has to cut off their arm. It's all in good fun.

Again, good luck Ken reaching that goal of 4,563,472 followers by tomorrow (or Tuesday for our outback "mates" in Goulburn. Ha ha.). By the way, I'd love to meet you. Are you free for lunch April 19, 2062?

He signed with a little happy face and included a list of 100 names. I'll write him back with the no-shows in a couple of hours.

Current tally: 1212. Click here or on the Twitter icon. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

4,563,472. dude, that's my phone number. 456-3472

Tom Quigley said...

Ken, if you get any of those guys signing up for the next SITCOM ROOM workshop, you might want to think about moving it from the Airport Hilton to San Quentin...