Saturday, August 01, 2009

Will I reach 4,563,472 Twitter followers? Let's go to the toteboard

1,184. Okay, a little slow. I was hoping for a million by now. It has been twelve hours. But that's okay. I love you people. I do and... what's that Charlie, talking to me off stage?



On my site?

I'm blown away.

Ladies and gentleman, all the way from Branson, Missouri -- he IS here. My dear dear friend and without a doubt the greatest entertainer the world has ever known --


Can you believe this kooky knucklehead? But before he sings he wants to remind you, don't just thrill to his performance. Click on this link. Or go to the Twitter icon. Click on that baby. Sign up. First class entertainment like this doesn't come free.

Anyway, here he is -- Mr. Excitement. Clap three times on the ceiling for TONY ORLANDO singing TIE A YELLOW RIBBON AROUND THE OLD OAK TWEET!!!!!!


Jeff said...

What happened to Dawn?

VW: gadscake (comfort food for those afflicted with Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Cap'n Bob said...

I'll pass. Nothing against Tony personally, I just don't like his songs.

WV: Jokis. Pennsylvania Dutch humor

Simon H. said...

Have you been drinking a lot this weekend? I'm starting to worry about you.

BTW, you need to follow up with Robert Goulet.

Kirk said...

I think I was 11 or so when "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" came out, and I always used to get a vicarious thrill when it came to the part of the song where "the whole damn bus is cheering"

WOW, I thought, Tony Orlando just SWORE on the radio!

Some of us '70s kids were more innocent than others.

V said...

I may, in fact, actually open a Twitter account, something I have resisted mightily (Tweet? I don't tweet), then follow you, just to make you happy.


Paul Duca said...

I wonder if that clip means that Tony and the writers of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" have come to terms. He was the subject of an early installment of BEHIND THE MUSIC where the narrator stated they couldn't use any of the song because the songwriting team forbade it.
Apparently they and Orlando were at odds over something, I don't remember what.

WV: propha--the name of that face cleanser for young people with acne. It was developed by a pharmacist for his own kids, so said informed sources like Dan Ingram.