Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday weekend left-overs

Our family table on Thanksgiving night…
Did anyone notice the Sears commercial on MODERN FAMILY this week? An African-American couple is standing before a store clerk and asking, “Is it Black Friday yet?” Between that and Fizbo the Clown on MF I had my two biggest laughs of the month.

Don't know about your town but here in mellow LA we had full-out brawls at two Wal Marts among shoppers on Black Friday.

HuffPost headline: “Mackenzie Phillips Uninvited From Family Thanksgiving” It’s that old “Your dad didn’t really sleep with you” argument that is so prevalent among families.

I know it’s tradition for the Detroit Lions to play on Thanksgiving but Jesus, they’re atrocious. Start a new tradition and have anyone else play?

The Lions’ old stadium, the Pontiac Dome, sold recently for $580,000. In L.A. you can’t buy a one-bedroom condo in Pacoima for that.

Remember when Al Roker used to interview the big NBC stars before the Macy’s Parade? This year he was hob knobbing with the winner of WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER.

NBC wouldn’t let the cast of GLEE perform at the parade because they were “competition” and yet they showed the SpongeBob Square Pants balloon even though SpongeBob actually beat Jay Leno in the ratings one night last week.

How come Bullwinkle’s no longer in the parade?

I’ve received screeners of A SERIOUS MAN and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Both are GREAT movies that I’m sure I’ll vote for! And I’m not just saying that because I got screeners (hint hint studios).

Another thing to be thankful for: Earl Pomerantz's team of twenty cardiologists have cleared him for resuming his blog. New posts begin Monday. Welcome back, Earl!

How the mighty have fallen: The big UCLA-USC game is not even nationally televised.

OLD DOGS must be great!! Their newspaper ad quotes "CBS Dallas" liking it.

Typical Wednesday night scene: Mom in the kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving. Dad/hubby enters and asks what’s for dinner tonight? Mom: “Are you fucking kidding me? We’re going out!” The Cheesecake Factory probably had a two-hour wait.

My dad just got back from a Princess cruise to Hawaii. There was some excitement on route. A fishing boat was stranded and they were the closest ship. So they veered off course and rescued the two fishermen and two dogs. The next morning the gift shop was selling pictures of the rescue.

I wish I had known about MacKenzie Phillips. She could have had Thanksgiving dinner with us. Our family argument was over what was the best season of ONE DAY AT A TIME?

Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving weekend.


Abie'sIrishRose said...

Hi Ken
I have another Friday question prompted by the holiday. I am half Jewish (we only lit 4 candles on Hannukah).
My mom was an introspective person--she never talked about her family and their beliefs or lack thereof. She was a convert and it this was before she knew my dad, so not one of convenience. (My knowledge of Judaism was gleaned from reading the holiday issues of "Highlights for Children" and watching Robby Benson in "The Chosen.")

Which brings me to my question. Back in the day, my family watched Bing Crosby movies (Going My Way, Holiday Inn, etc. etc) The Bishop's Wife, etc. And we looked forward to The Grinch and other animated specials. I know many non Christians go out to movies on Christmas (and have Chinese food). But are there any holiday themed movies you would watch as part of the festive season? I could only think tangentially of "For Your Consideration" which features the making of a movie about Purim. And that's kind of new.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about that cruise your dad was on.

It was only 2 people not three people:

Pictures there as well.

Damon said...

That's funny about CBS Dallas's quote, it used to be that I would pass a little prejudgment on films by where the blurbs came from. Of course with the assortment of film blogs/sites out there now the rules have changed a bit.

A little over ten years ago I worked at a small Mom-n-Pop video store just south of Dallas (where I live now) and I'll never forget the smirk on my face when I read one certain blurb. It was on the box for Stephen King's Night Flier and the quote read, "startling, nonstop horror..." - Ft. Worth Star Telegram. I laughed so hard. It must have been a pretty lame movie if they had to look all the way to Fort Worth, Texas' paper for the blurb.

Alice said...

Fizbo was amazing!

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Remember when Al Roker used to interview the big NBC stars before the Macy’s Parade? This year he was hob knobbing with the winner of WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER.

He was interviewing himself?


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! I'll be hanging out next to the turkey and stuffing.

WV: randi - Hornee's little sister.

Ben Scripps said...

Regarding the Lions' old home in Pontiac...(which is actually called the "Pontiac Silverdome")...

Speaking--er, writing as someone who has not only seen it, but seen football played within it, trust me on this: the buyer overpaid. A lot. The Silverdome is the NBC of sports arenas...

Christina said...

Yes, the Black Friday Sears commercial jumped out at me and left me going, WTF?

Love Modern Family.