Monday, November 02, 2009

But wait! There's MORE!

Here are a few follow-ups to some recent posts.

I ranted that certain actresses just keep getting part after part. One I cited was Kim Raver, who was in 24 and 52 other series. Here she is pictured above starring in three at once. I see that she’s just joined the cast of GREY’S ANATOMY. Seriously. How many network presidents did she pull from burning buildings?

The two most viewed posts from the archives: The Traci Lords Family Show and HOUSE HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD. Combine them and I think you have the next great reality show. Although I imagine the network would replace Traci Lords with Kim Raver.

On my rant about Social Network Rejection, my daughter/pig lover, Annie reminded me of another indignity. You’ve befriended someone. Unbeknown to you they’ve un-friended you. And then they pop up as a “Suggestion of someone you might know”. Ouch!

Remember way back in March that Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie I was so geeked up to see that was supposed to open in June? And then August? And then September? It’s finally opening next week. I guess the studio thought it was so good it ultimately wanted to move it closer to Veteran's Day.


Earl Pomerantz is recovering nicely. He greatly appreciates your good wishes.

I did a piece complaining about Time-Warner Cable’s customer service. Recently I received this comment. The coward who wrote it didn’t leave a name (of course). But I guess we have to assume that he’s a Time-Warner Cable employee. Here’s what he writes.

It's called job security you freaking idiots! We (technicians) don't fix your problems all the time because if we fixed all the problems, we wouldn't have jobs.

Plus, most of the trouble calls I go to are people who don't know how to use a freaking remote control, or just want a extra one.

If you actually READ the information that we give you, it tells you how to operate the darn box. If you "never received the information kit", go to the mall and pick it up.

No, do not make an appointment to change your box. That is why you have your service centers (The mall). Everytime someone asks me to change the box, I tell them to go to the mall. They always get upset because now they actually have to DO something. Oh my gosh! Poor you!

Before you ask for a HD box, at least know what HD is, and don't ask for one just because your friend has one.

You people are freaking morons, yeah... "YOU PEOPLE".

Hey, Time-Warner, is this the kind of attitude your support staff has or is he just a giant asshole?


Alan Coil said...

The comment from the TW employee cracks me up, as I don't need no 'steenking' information kit.

And TW bosses keep wondering why more people are going to satellite television.

Gary Farber said...

Last time the (on contract to Time-Warner, freelance) cable repair guy came out here to fix a problem, I asked him how he dealt with such and such, and he replied "Oh, I have Dish Network; their service is much better."

Unknown said...

Ken can't say I can comment on Time-Warner. Nor would I want to. But he does sound like a giant asshole. Then again, be lucky we're not talking about DirecTV. There are no less than 500 serious complaints about the business practices of DirecTV at

Now, a lighter subject-for the ultimate in douchebag reality shows nothing in my mind beats G4's 2 Months, 2 Million-it's unbelievable. The show focuses on four supposed math whiz kids who are among the world's best online poker players (another way of saying loser degenerate gamblers) they rent a mansion in Las Vegas and try to make two million dollars between them in two months-they failed, coming up with something like $600,000 and they were really lucky to get that. The worst degenerate of the group made $7500-really laughable (far more than I make in two months right this second but then again I don't profess to be a world class poker player, either)-you have to see an episode of this show to believe human beings can approach this level of douchebag-in that way it's quite entertaining.


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I’m Rodney Peterson the creator and writer of an untitled project revolving around a Top 40 radio station of the 70’s and 80’s (just as Mad Men revolves around an advertising agency of the 60’s) and Cutting Confessions-a fate driven comedy and drama filled love story partially set in a resort-like California psychiatric hospital-One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest meets Slumdog Millionaire-here at my MySpace blogs and at

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Ben Scripps said...

I keep hearing these rants and complaints about cable television, and keep thinking about how glad I am I have satellite and don't have to deal with these people.

A few weeks ago, one of the other people in my building got cable. The cable installer (Charter) came out, hooked up their cable, then to be helpful, disconnected my dish to teach me a lesson about how unreliable dishes can be. Unhooked the cable, then locked it all inside a utility box. But on the upside, it only took them five days to get back out to fix it.

And to this day, the only apology I've received was from my satellite provider, who had nothing to do with it.

WV: Thiessen. What, we've run out of words? We're switching to 90210 alums?

rob! said...

pull from burning buildings?

Is that some Hollywood euphemism I'm not familiar with?

Anonymous said...

I've already seen the British release of "The Boat That Rocked." I think it's FAB! It is not a historically accurate depiction of the pirate scene in the 60's, and some of the studio equipment is too new for the period, but there's lots of awesome rock & roll and pop music.

Unfortunately, Universal feels that they must retitle it as "Pirate Radio" for the U.S. Plus, they're editing out 20 minutes worth of content that I suppose is considered too English for this side of the pond. Still, highly recommended! -SL

VP81955 said...

It's called job security you freaking idiots! We (technicians) don't fix your problems all the time because if we fixed all the problems, we wouldn't have jobs.

"Planned obsolescence" for a new generation. To see the result, visit Detroit.

wv: "mantizat" -- what that "Seinfeld" episode was going to be about until the writers realized no one knew what a "tizat" was. (Hell, they didn't even know.)

Anonymous said...

Ken, I'm sorry to say that I've seen the retitled "Pirate Radio", and it's a disaster. No feeling for period, character, or (worst of all) narrative flow. It's just a bunch of disjointed vignettes that don't ring true and are never funny. So disappointing.

James said...

Any idea what network will air HHoH, now that Fox Reality is kaput? Is Charlie in the know about that?

D. McEwan said...

Once when my cable went out, I called my cable guy. He came and got it fixed and showed me what the problem had been. One of my neighbors had bootlegged himself onto MY cable connection, generously allowing me to pay for his cable TV viewing. When my neighbor had moved out the day before, he'd disconnected BOTH of us, and hadn't reconnected me, but he'd left the cable he'd snuck in, leading to his apartment, so there was no doubt who did it. Asshole!

This neighbor came by a week or two later, to visit a friend in the building, and I presented him with a bill I'd mocked up for 50% of my cable payments over the two years he'd been helping himself to my service. He denied it to my face. I told him I'd seen the cable itself leading right into his apartment. He still denied it to my face. I told him I had filed a complaint against him with the police as had the cable company, and that the cops were looking for him. This was a lie, but worth it to see his face turn pale, and then see him take off running. I made sure he saw me pretending to write down his car license plate. Never set eyes on that douchebag again.

Umbriago said...

Rodney, be sure to tune into VH1 sometime to make your head SPIN.

I was at the gym today and VH1 was on. First there's a reality show, For The Love Of Ray J, which features girls named Fettuccine. Then next up was Tool Academy, "a 'charm school' which focuses on teaching them how to behave as boyfriends."

Not having cable = $1200 a year I love having.

Anonymous said...

Have to defend TWC. Have been a subscriber for a number of years, with 6 TVs hooked into their system. The few times I've had or thought I had problems, they came out and fixed them with no hassle and in some cases, looked at and improved my connections without my asking.

Cable Goy said...

Ken - you're gonna love Pirate Radio!

As commented above, the period props are not exact to the last detail, and it probably isn't the "true" story, but the movie is hilarious! It's what the true story should've been.

And you gotta love a comedy that features "Judy in the sky with glasses" on the soundtrack

al smitty said...

pull from burning buildings?

Is that some Hollywood euphemism I'm not familiar with?

Apparently she's pulled something from the executives' burning trousers.

oyvey said...

I used to be a TIme Warner customer. I wanted to update my HD box for better DVR. I was told to go to the service center because they couldn't guarantee that the service technicians would have any on there truck. I called the service center and told them what I wanted and I was told to "Come by anytime." I disconnected my box and went to to the service center and as soon as I told the clerk what I wanted I was told, "We ran out of those months ago."

Time Warner Cable ladies and gentlemen

oyvey said...

I apologize for the misspelling of "their" in my previous post, I was so overcome with Time Warner rage I lost control of my faculties.

UncleWalty said...

Kim Raver is effin' gorgeous

YEKIMI said...

The Time-Warner employee is NOT a giant asshole. He is the stuff that comes OUT of a giant asshole.

Buttermilk Sky said...

PIRATE RADIO is not the story of a young Somali DJ, his hopes, his dreams? Well, thanks for the spoiler.

Anonymous said...

next season: House Husbands Of Canada (Quebec looks just like LA and NYC, don't sweat it)