Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nikki Finke will be my guest tonight...

...on Talkradio 790 KABC as I fill in for John Phillips. I’m on right now. You can hear it here.

Nikki will be a guest along with Joe Flint who covers the entertainment industry for the LA TIMES and national movie reviewer, Leonard Maltin.

Among the topics I plan to get to tonight:

The Conan-Leno debacle
Jeff Zucker’s death threats
Haiti relief efforts
The Golden Globes
Accepting awards
What's new for midseason
The state of TV comedy
The L.A. rains
AMERICAN IDOL losing Simon
A Hollywood theme park in Korea (I wonder if there will be a MASH ride?)
Seeing out of only one eye
Oscar predictions

God knows what I’ll be talking about the second hour. And worse yet, tomorrow night when I fill in again. Anyway, I'm on right now until 10:00 p.s.t. on Talkradio 790 KABC.


Anonymous said...

Ask the pig why during our strike she posted a Christmas Eve story that there was no hope in sight. Bitch. She creates nothing. She lives off other people's work. She is no better than a maggot. Sorry, Ken, but this "interview" is nothing to brag about.

V. Salt said...

Tried to listen to this, Ken, but my Mac wouldn't allow it. Not sure if that's a problem on my end or if the station's website isn't Mac-compatible. But if you made podcast of the show, I'd download it.

Alan Coil said...

Poor Jeff Zucker claims to have death threats. I don't believe him. He's a liar. And quite a dishonorable person.

The entire way that NBC has handled this screams cluster-truck.

And if Leno had any honor in him, he's say no to returning to The Tonight Show. But he doesn't. He's got about the same amount of honor as Dick Cheney.

Alan Coil said...

Anonymous, this isn't the place to take out your hatred of Nikki Finke.

Anonymous said...

To Alan Coil,

Who died and made you King of The Internet? Why don't you get out of your mom's basement and realize that no one needs a blog monitor or censor. Now you may pass judgment and feel free to issue orders to commenters. My guess is they will do what I am now going to to... stop reading you, which is the beautiful part of the internet. Free choice. Good night. :)

Anonymous said...

Must be Total Dick Month in Anonymous Land.

rob! said...

"Jeff Zucker's Death Threats"? When does that air?

rob! said...


Me and Sephim made Alan Coil King of the Internet last week. Didn't you get the memo?

Tallulah Morehead said...

Well I'm Queen of the Internet, but I have no opinion regarding Ms Finke, beyond her unfortunate last name.

Alan Coil said...

Anonymous --

Bless your heart.

cb said...

good to see Tallulah back, these last couple of weeks...I had seen her over at the Puffington Host, but she was a bit scarce 'round these parts...

l.a.guy said...

"Alan Coil said...
Anonymous, this isn't the place to take out your hatred of Nikki Finke."


I find her prose to be needlessly abrasive, self-centered and shamelessly partisan. But the truth is it's one of of the first sites I visit everyday and was the main reason I didn't renew my subscription to Variety.

k said...

Ted is dead. & that's a shame, tonight's episode was brilliant. The best so far. Hope it goes out with a bang.