Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmy acceptance speech tips

As a public service for those lucky nominees, here are some Emmy acceptance speech tips. My review of tonight's Emmycast will appear tomorrow. Good luck to all the people I like and bad luck to the ones I hate.


amyp3 said...

Opening number: Potential to be epically bad or just a mediocre embarrassment?

Someday someone will explain Fallon's success to me.

Max Clarke said...

Funny stuff, the Oscars don't seem this loose.

Best twist on the obligatory thank-yous, the unnamed winner who read the list of three people he was NOT thanking.

A. Buck 1 'o the little people said...

It's that ZuckerThink again:
Sacrificing the Emmys on the altar of Fallon -- not to hang the Tonight Show on it, but to raise the average age of Jimmy's demographic.

It's not that I don't think he's talented, just lately this stuff doesn't seem to be his suit. Actually his suit may be the problem. Is there ever getting used to this guy perennially dressed as a latterday Robert Young in Father Knows Best?
Prove us wrong Jim. Really.

David Schwartz said...

Loved the guy who did the "No Thank Yous!" What a way to seize his moment and have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

That was Greg Garcia, accepting his Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the pilot episode of My Name Is Earl, who singled out people he did not want to thank.

YEKIMI said...

OK< here's a Friday question: Name the people you hate! [Unless you feel they are still powerful enough to do you harm.]

Matt said...

::: Friday Question :::


A lot of screenwriting / television writing books tell you to write a beat sheet, then an outline and finally your first draft, etc.

When you and David write, do you start with an outline first and then move into a first draft?


D. McEwan said...

Gee, Shelley Winter's dressing room is where I ceased to be a man.

bevo said...

"Someday someone will explain Fallon's success to me."

Me too. Does Fallon have pictures of naked NBC executives with barn animals?

Greg Garcia is a pretty funny guy. His bits on the Tony Kornheiser show are reason enough to listen to the show on podcast. You are laughing too hard at one joke that you need to pause the show before getting to the next joke.

BTW, find a clip of Mr. Tony discussing Greg's early, early days running the board on Mr. Tony's first radio show. I play it for my students so they understand the relationship between opportunity and hard work.

wv: dires - plurarl of dire. The moment your secretary buzzes you that the IRS audit division is on line 1 as you walk out of the office to get your annual performance review from your boss. This would be dires situations.

escalante blogger said...

He's a good actor and a good speech deliverer. Just like me .. haha kidding.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought last night's Emmy Award Production may have been the WORST television show in history. Much to my surprise, the show received good reviews in general. With the notable exceptions of Temple Grandin and The Death Doctor thing, the nominees were entirely mediocre (The Pacific nommed for two or three Emmys in various categories other than "Biggest, pretentious piece of shit wanna be Band of Brothers"). The writing on the wall for TV is depressing with the Grandins and You Don't Know Jack clearly an exception to the "awarded" rule. Thank God for foreign films!