Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 2000th blog post

When I started this blog in November of 2005 my daughter Annie was horrified. Was this going to be one of those “I had Fruit Loops for breakfast and then brushed my teeth” kind of blogs -- writing shit no one remotely cared about? I assured her that’s not what I was planning to do. (Now we have FACEBOOK and Twitter for that.) “Then what are you going to write about?” she asked.

“Entertaining stuff. Fun stuff,” I answered.

“Like what?”

I thought for a moment and finally said, “Go to your room!”

I really hadn’t thought it out that far.

So I experimented. Comic essays, writing advice, anecdotes, reviews, rants, travelogues, recommendations, contests, profiles, book excerpts, answering questions. I figured at some point a defining direction would emerge.

And what I’ve found is this: no direction is my direction.

And that’s fine. I don’t know if I could have made it to 2000 otherwise, especially posting new content every day. I certainly don’t have 2000 pieces of advice. And I doubt I could wring out 2000 reviews of HOUSE HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD.

The joy of this blog is having the freedom to write whatever the hell I want without some recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence telling me I need to “up the stakes”. The even greater joy is meeting all of you.

So for today I’d like to turn things around. I'd like to hear from you. Especially you lurkers. I’m always curious – how did you stumble upon this blog in the first place? How long have you been here? Where are you from? And what types of posts do you like or not like?

Thanks so much for your continued indulgence of my creative fancy. And thanks in advance for writing me back.

On to the next 2000! Oy. That sounds like a lot.


Todd said...


I've always been amazed by both the quantity and QUALITY of your writing in this blog. I guess all that ****-eating in the TV world finally paid off!

In any case, you've certainly earned your status as one of the Best in The Blogosphere.

Write on!


PatGLex said...

Congratulations on your 2000th post!

I think that one of the other regular bloggers I read -- I want to say Mark Evanier -- mentioned your name and linked to you on some topic or another, and once I read the entry, I was hooked. Maybe this was a year ago? I hesitated to pick up another blogger to read, but because of my interest in the TV industry -- and in sports :-) -- I do read you daily. Maybe someday, when you're on a road trip to Cincinnati, I'll actually meet you. That would mean I would need to make it to an actual Reds game. (Spent 20+ years in Minneapolis so I follow the AL teams more...)

Best wishes for another 2000 more posts!

Bryan L said...

Congratulations. I'll accept your invitation and say that I too followed a link from Mark Evanier's website, and then bookmarked you. It seems (to me at least) that a lot of blogs are simply shutting down over the last year or two, and it's nice to find one that has regular updates by a fine writer. My favorite posts are the inside info on the TV business. I have no desire to work in that industry, but I find your insights fascinating. Thanks for sticking with it.

Britta said...

Wil Wheaton mentioned you a few weeks ago on his blog. I have a rule to only follow 10 blogs at a time (to prevent mindless timesuck from occurring). So I had to bump a cooking blog for you. I'm glad I did.

Lairbo said...

So, are you EVER gonna tell us what you had for breakfast?

WV: "romilin"; alien species on cartoon show Star Trek Babies".

Mark B. Spiegel said...

I found you (recently) when I noticed they were filming the "Arthur" remake here in New York and got to wondering whatever happened to the genius who wrote the screenplay for the original. (I'd once heard that he died young, but that was pretty much all I knew.) So when I Googled him (Steve Gordon) a link came up to the tribute you'd once written to him in this blog. So then I poked around some of your other blog entries, and seeing as I spent several years doing stand-up and writing spec scripts back in the '90s (before realizing that my talents lay elsewhere-- where "elsewhere" is I don't know; I just know that it's "elsewhere"), I figured I'd stick you in my RSS feed, and since then my stock portfolio has been up 11%, so frankly, I'm afraid to remove you.

Brian Phillips said...

Being an IT Tech by trade, I salute your 2000th post and don't for a moment concern yourself with the rumored "2K bug" that shows up at this point.

If, of course you really wish to be safe, may I suggest you back up your blog and upgrade to "Blogger 7", which is much more secure and robust.

Truthfully, thank you for the erudition, laughs and answers to many questions you have provided over the years.

Max Clarke said...

Great job, Ken, it doesn't feel like 2,000.

I live in the Bay Area a few blocks from Pixar Animation. I don't work at Pixar, but I've seen Dr. Edwin Catmull's car with the license plate PIXAR. He won a technical Academy Award for his Renderman software.

First heard about your new blog at Artful Writer, I think. Best link I ever clicked.

Your discussions of comedy writing are informed and clever. Sometimes you remind us of writers who deserve another look, such as Steve Gordon for "Arthur."

Your obituaries are a cut above the rest. You almost bring them back to life.

The chapters from your memoir are like going back in time with American Graffiti, fun reading.

The fact that you've made your 2,000th in the same time many writers have NOT finished their screenplays says a lot about why you succeeded.


Brian Fies said...

I'm glad that blogging effectively scratches your creative itch. I've been here a while, at least three or four years (which in Internet years is practically forever). I don't comment much because I've got this odd habit of keeping quiet unless I think I've got something to contribute. Don't remember from whence I came but probably Evanier as well.

My favorites: Friday questions, insights into the writing process, behind-the-scenes TV stories, entertaining tales from old radio days. Baseball's probably my least favorite topic, although your passion occasionally breaks through my yawning indifference to the game (the last ballplayer I paid any attention to was Willie McCovey).

Hope it continues to be fun for you, because I'm here every day. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Ken.

I say that because I enjoy fresh blog every morning with my coffee. Since you're in California and I'm in South Carolina, coffee together is a neat Internet trick.

I think I wandered over from Defamer, back when it had content.

I enjoy everything from the radio remembrances to the Dodger talk.

Please keep posting; otherwise I will have to work first thing in the morning.

daniel in cherry hill said...


David said...

Athens GA. I sent my friend Jeff to your sitcom room 2 years ago and he has been on fire (creatively speaking) ever since.

I enjoy the fly on the wall aspect of your writing. Can a blog be cinema verite?

Paul Schaffer used to play the Rolling Stones song "Bitch" every time Cybyl Sheppard was on Letterman. She didn't get the joke, but thanks to you, I'm in on it now.

Write on.

Dave from Athens said...

It was Lance Mannion's blog that directed me to your site. I forget if it was him or you (probably Lance) that wrote about the characters of Cheers being archtypes that become easy to write for, because everyone knows what Sam, Diane, Cliff, etc would say in any given situattion.

lukurpog? Bob Uecker's drunken podcast?

The Minstrel Boy said...

belson told me i should check it out. i learned never to argue with him. i'd lose and end up with a stitch in my side from laughing. it was always easier to give right in.

lttuerk@aol.com said...

I can't remember how I found you!
So glad, though. I am an actress (mostly sit com)
in LA and television has been a huge part of life
since I was a kid, I love to read your stories about the writers' room, and reading your stuff every day helps me to stay in the game!
Thanks for being here.

Paloma said...

I've been here for like 2 years now? maybe 3. I found you in a spanish writer's blog (i am spanish). He was talking about Cheers and mentioned your name, and the rest is history.

I really like friday questions, behind the scenes tv stories, writting process, mostly everything really. Keep up the good work.

Barry in Portland said...

Can't remember who steered me to your blog, but I've been a daily reader for many months. This is my first comment.

Love your writing style, love the show-biz anecdotes, and the fact that your last name and mine only differ by one letter allows me to pretend we are related.

Mac from Gilroy said...

Like Dave from Athens, I think it was a Lance Manion post that brought me a couple of years ago. I never left (and have never been back to his site, interestingly.) It's the behind-the-scenes stuff that most intrigues me: sitcoms, movies, writers, etc. And Natalie Wood pix.

Cindy said...

I read your article "What I learned on my first musical".
I was stage managing a musical at the time and the humour was appreciated when the stress level was at it's worst.
Thanks for that.

Tod Hunter said...

I first came upon your blog when you did a piece on my usual Tuesday night hangout, Porn Star Karaoke.

I bookmarked your blog and I've been back every day since. I've sent many people to your site and even recommended the Sitcom room to people considering a TV writing career. If I spent more time at Dodger Stadium I might qualify as a stalker.

Congratulations, well done, keep up the good work, and see you in the blog pages.

audisbiu: How Japanese stage techs ask if the audio monitor is working.

toyboxprince said...

Hey Ken,

I first linked to your blog a couple of years ago (or was it more... time flies when you are having fun) from Mark Evanier's "News from me" blog. Trust me when I say you have been a daily indulgence since. While the sports topics tend to go over my head, everything else is a hoot. Informative, entertaining, insightful...all the right ingredients to keep me coming back. Thanks for the pleasure.

Kate Coe said...

I think I discovered your blog after our wild nights together.

Anonymous said...

I found you through Facebook. Well, I actually "found you" on "Cheers," etc. Being in the radio-TV "world" for over 50 years...I can relate to much of what you "blog" about.
---Bob Lee

iain said...

Count me as yet another directed here via Mark Evanier's blog. I hope he gets a nice commission? Per your recommendation, I've started reading Earl Pomerantz'('es?) ('zesz?)...that guy's blog & am enjoying it very much. Thanks & congratulations!

cpreynolds said...

I found a link to your blog from USA Today's Pop Candy blog. I believe it was a blog about Cheers. This was about three years ago after a trip to Boston and the bar. I am a 51-year-old mother of three boys from Wichita, Kansas. Not a fan of baseball but still enjoy your posts. Congrats!

Kittysneezes.com/Rev. Syung Myung Me said...


Like, well, just about everyone else it seems, I came here from Mark Evanier's blog; I can't remember which one it was, maybe the one you did on Chuckles Bites The Dust? Anyway, though -- I recognized your name from watching, well, way too much TV (I'm a credits-reader, to boot), and well, I really dug the posts!

My favorites are probably the ones about writing and what it's like behind the scenes of TV shows, since I've always kinda wanted to do that myself. My least favorites? Just the ones about sports, but that's just because I'm SO not a sports guy. (But even then, I sometimes read 'em!)

Thanks! This is one of my favorite blogs, and I can hardly count the times I've said "Hey, y'know Ken Levine? Wrote for just about every good TV show ever? He wrote a blog post about that. You should read his blog. It's good."

BklynSoxFan said...

Congratulations, Ken. I enjoy your blog very much, and I'm about to reach my 3,000th post on mine next month.

Keep up the great work.

Rays profile said...

It was a link from somewhere, lost in the mists of time. Or it was Mark Evanier. Whatever, I'm glad I found it. Yours is one of the few blogs that works as well read aloud, as I do for my wife when I find a particularly good post, such as your movie previews. Keep going forward.

WV: cupelent, someone who is corpulent from drinking a lot of cream and sugar-filled lattes.

Anonymous said...

It was either John August or The Artful Writer in 2005.

Thanks for everything and here's to another 2000!

Mark Bennett

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I came across your blog. Since I am a fan of all things TV, I'll guess some writer/reviewer mentioned you. And I've never missed a day since.

I don't care what you write about, it's always entertaining. Old stories, new stories, question day--love 'em all.

Most people don't share my passion for TV, so I don't bother them with links or tidbits that I come across. But I have sent several people the link to your blog, and several have commented back that they are now fans too.

Keep it up!

Stuart in Houston

Jim said...

I got here a couple of years ago via Jane Espenson's blog. Probably my favorite entries are Friday Questions - even if I've missed the rest of the week's entries, I make sure to peek in on Friday.

Congratulations on 2000!

Jo said...

Congratulations! To me, for reading 2000 blog posts By Ken Levine.

Seriously, though, it's a great blog, Ken.

I know I started reading late in 2006 (and caught up on the archives shortly after bookmarking). Where I linked from I no longer remember (although Google probably has that info somewhere in a database).

Favorites include some topics I don't seek out elsewhere--I've never been into radio or baseball, but I love your stories about them. And I find "reality television" excruciatingly boring, but I enjoy your take on it.

"No direction" is exactly what I like in "The World As Seen By a TV Comedy Writer." But keep the M*A*S*H and general writers room topics in the mix, of course.

Here's to 2000 more posts!

WV: "inneloma" - one of two types of cancer of the belly button

steve macdonald said...

Kudos on the Big 2000, sir. And I look forward to many thousands more. You are one of the better bloggers here in the internets, and long may you inform and entertain me and my ilk.

I've been here since near the beginning, it was Mark Evanier who tipped me off.

alopecia said...

Congratulations on 2000 posts. Another impressive achievement in a career of impressive achievements.

I've been reading for something like two years and for the life of me, I can't remember how I got here; it was certainly a link from some other writer, but I have no idea who.

Whatever you want to write, I'll read it—well, with the exception of anything to do with American Idol (a man's got to have some standards).

KillerB said...

I found your blog through my husband, who is a writer. His comedy group does online sketches and that's about all I can tell you about that-- but my husband can talk for hours about trends or other writers' styles or... business-y business stuff...?

I like your blog because I enjoy your stories from your experience in the biz. It gives me a little perspective, and sometimes even gives me something to discuss with my husband.

Brian said...

Hi Ken,

I like behind the scenes TV stuff and insites into how ideas were formed.

I went back and found the actual blog post that introduced me to your blog. It was Raymond Chen, a programmer at Microsoft.


Here's the post
Ken Levine teaches us about television script writingPosted Wed, Jan 10 2007
by oldnewthing
2 Comments Ken Levine has written for some of the most well-known television programs of the past few decades. M*A*S*H, Cheers (for which he won an Emmy), Frasier. And that's not counting his second (third? fourth?) career as a baseball announcer. He writes about whatever is on his mind, be it Barry Bonds' 715th home run, what not to put into your television script, more Cheers trivia than you know what to do with, or Thanksgiving travel tips, and every single one is filled with his personality and attitude. It's a joy to read.

Hollywoodaholic said...

Congrats, Ken!

I marvel at your discipline and prolificity. It cannot be refudiated.

I found the blog through a link on the Classic TV Blog by Billy Ingram about a year ago and have checked it out ever since.

The fact that you have stuck with it and been consistently entertaining AND funny without getting paid for it astonishes me even more.

I was inspired to start a blog, but am lucky if I dedicate the time necessary to provide new content every two weeks. It becomes a job. But yours proves there is such a thing as a labor of love. You'd probably be doing this if no one was reading. Perhaps out of pure therapy.

That'll be $110.

Anonymous said...

I first got hooked on this blog when I heard you fill-in for Mariners play by play. I'll keep reading anything you choose as I can count on always being entertained. It was very helpful to have your views during the writers strike. And I can't resist a comedy writer who loves baseball. In my mind, a perfect combination. I don't know how you do it. I've tried blogging without direction or intent and my postings are very sparse. You manage both consistency and quality every day. In my book, that's awesome! And I'm grateful for the entertainment. Thanks, Ken and congratulations on the milestone.

RCP said...

Hi Ken,

Congratulations on #2000. I followed you here from your link on Huffington Post, and always enjoy reading your take on everything.

David Schwartz said...

Always entertaining! Just like your sitcom writing. I very much enjoy your blog and appreciate your contuined efforts! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog in a hazy drunken stupor, but stayed for the pictures of Natalie Wood.

BTW, do you serve beer?


WV: "idelatia"... getting your mind blown by your ideas.

Roger Owen Green said...

I like the TV stuff, the baseball stuff, the personal remembrances. I like the eclectic nature of the beast.

Probably came here via Evanier in 2007?

Anonymous said...

Good writing, always posts every day, discusses my favorite subject TV. I have learned so much from you. Thanks for sharing what you do. Been here for 3 months or so. Got your name off another TV blog. Keep It UP!

Gary Ray From San Luis Obispo

Matt said...


(A tad longish)

A thank you.

To be exceedingly honest, I don't know exactly HOW I found your blog. Ironically, being in radio, I found the KHJ website some time ago, but finding it and finding this blog were totally unrelated.

When I was 11 (in 1978) we moved from a small town to a not as small town where we finally had cable. The room I shared with my brother was back-to-back with my parent's room and he figured out how to splice into their cable and feed a run through the closet to our TV. Suddenly we had glorious cable on our smallish black-and-white set which sat on top of our dresser. This was also about the time "M*A*S*H" went into syndication.

After school I could watch up to four episodes of "M*A*S*H" per day plus the new episode on Monday night. I was hooked! I had an old cassette recorder and would record episodes and figure out the stories, writing them down. I also did the same with "The Odd Couple", "Bob Newhart" and "Mary Tyler Moore." shows. I had a box of MASH cassette tapes that people still ask me about to this day. While the tapes are long gone, the topic still comes up at every family reunion.

It was also the summer of 1978 that I found a box of actual "Bob Newhart", "Happy Days" and "Waltons" scripts at a second hand store: the infamous "Treasure Mart." Heaven. I read these scripts until they fell apart. I remember being fascinated by the formatting differences between the sitcom and drama scripts. I also owned "The Collected Plays Of Neil Simon." I wore out two copies. The third copy is on sitting on my shelf.

Finding your blog has been an affirmation to these things I did in my childhood. When I read your post about how when you and David decided to write your Mary Tyler Moore spec, you recorded the shows on cassette tape to figure them out, and that you bought an old "Odd Couple" script to figure out what it was supposed to look like, it literally brought chills. I remember Mom, back in 1978, asking "Why are you taping these shows? Do you think there are jobs for people who do that?" This was my hobby, I enjoyed doing it, but no one understood it, except me. In a way, your post reached back through the years and said "Hey kid, you're on the right track." So I thank you. When I read your recent post about Neil Simon, I said "hey, I've had that book for over thirty years!" And I thank you again.

I thought the other day about that kid cassette taping M*A*S*H episodes in his room once upon three decades ago, and that many of those shows were written by "Ken Levine & David Isaacs" who started their journey cassette taping a TV show ... and I thanked you again.


Ted said...

Congratulations on number 2000!

I'd love to see pictures of the KABC Traffic Center where you work during Dodger games (because I heard you one afternoon). Sounds like an exciting hub of activity!

Mark said...

I found your blog while reading Lost articles leading up to the last season. Another writer (maybe Mo Ryan?) referenced your blog while fans were starved for the season to begin.

I've been coming back faithfully ever since. Love your take on current events, behind-the-scenes tidbits of some favorite shows, writing, and baseball.


Don A. Renicky said...

Congratulations, Ken, on your 2,000th post.

I somehow came across your blog two years ago while I was scouring the Internet in an effort to find out what my niece was getting herself into. She had just dropped out of college in Ohio (after one semester), rented a U-Haul and driven to Los Angeles to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an actress.

Your observations, answers and anecdotes have been very helpful to me in my effort to help contextualize her experiences. It's been a while, but I believe the Google search string that led me to your blog was something like, "Hollywood Career Suicide Help." More recently I Googled "Phillies Dodgers Suicide Help" and somehow ended up at your blog just the same.

My niece has gotten some work doing voice acting for South Park wannabe animators, but otherwise has distinguished herself as the most well-rounded barista I know, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her uncle.

Your blog has become a source of comfort - a sort of mental antacid - for me over the last two years, and I continue to read it daily. I also dutifully tune into your radio broadcasts on the Internet (the only way I can hear them, since I live near Philadelphia) when you ask me to.

Keep up the good work, and may you always enjoy what you do (it's clear that you do now).

Phillip B said...

I now read two blogs - yours and Roger Ebert's. I've liked others but there are all dead. I've read there are more than 200 million dead blogs out there (the average number of postings is 2) and you most likely know why they are gone...

Found you searching for something about baseball - think I was looking for Jon Miller's age - and was hooked.

Only downside is that when I describe you to others, many jump to the conclusion that you wrote "Bull Durham." I try to patient.

El Snacktator said...


El's been here for a long time... found you via Lance Mannion.

Looking forward to the next 2000!

Gary said...

Wow, 2000! That's amazing. That's approx., uh, 1962 more than I've screwed up in 30 days. Don't recall how I stumbled across your blog, but I was familiar with you from Cheers, and of course, your stay with the woeful Seattle Mariners. Anyone who could take a 10-0 Seattle deficit, in the 3rd inning, which was fairly routine, and still make me listen to the rest of the game, was a master storyteller, and that you are. By the way, the Mariners are charging hard after Baltimore in an effort to become the worst team in the AL. Want to come back??????

............................................ said...

David Isaacs threatend his class within an inch of their lives. The trickle-down effect in the writing department had us all scared...except me...I could take David if I really tried.

Ed D. said...

Yours is the first read of the morning blogs. got to you through Lance Mannion. Don't remember the context, but was immediately hooked.

Funniest post was you watching porn and one of the actresses saying she'd do anything as long as the guy wasn't, like, 55. Which was your age. Hid under your desk...

Sent that around and even a former Mayor of Cincinnati laughed forever... fall on the floor laughing. Nope, not Jerry Springer. I think he'd already written that fateful check across the river.

BigDave said...

I came here from a blog by some guy called Evanier. Whatever happened to him?
Seriously I enjoy both your blogs for the easy writing style you both seem to have. As someone once said, you open a vein and it just flows.
I got to Mark's blog while searching for Rod Hull and Emu, who was pretty popular over here in Britland, but I had no idea he had appeared on Johnny Carsons show. The story was quite touching, and I've been hooked ever since. He recommended you, and I've stayed for the Frazier stories.

Unknown said...

I've always been a fan of your writing, Ken. Even more I've admired your preternatural optimism laced with sarcasm,and your determination to follow your bliss. You seem to operate with great energy and without fear.
Keep the words coming.

Bob Gumer

Wallis Lane said...


Congratulations on BlogPost 2K. I'm gratified and astonished by your productivity; you may be the only blogger who is guaranteed to give his readers new (and eminently readable product) every day, and neither rain, nor smog, nor tie-ups on the 405, nor gloom of insufficent tech support stays you from your appointed rounds.

I was linked from Television Without Pity to a post you did about the difficulties of working with Mary Tyler Moore while being undermined by Bill Cosby. It was hilarious, and I was stunned and delighted to read posts about your youth in Woodland Hills at Parkman Jr. High, Taft High, and UCLA, which are also my hometown and my three alma maters.

Your blog is a daily pleasure, and here's to 2000more.

emily said...

I have hit a milestone as well. I have now READ 2000 blog posts!

Thank you Ken, for going to all the trouble to create this blog and composing all the fabulous free, first class entertainment!

Anonymous said...

I read you everyday along with Gawker...what does that tell you?
I also happen to enjoy Dodger baseball (at least when they're winning)
You combine interesting insights into the worlds I love.

I remain anonymous because you wouldn't believe it was me any way.

Best wishes for your future success.

Tom Quigley said...

Ken: Congrats on Blog No. 2000, and for allowing me the space (and the patience) to post some of my drivel (good, bad and indifferent) here. Followed your blog almost from the beginning when former Billboard editor Claude Hall mentioned it on his own website, but had been familiar with your and David's work long before that, being a fan of great TV...

Now answer me this: How long is it going to take to put those 2000 candles on the cake?....

blogward said...

Congratulations on a great achievement. No, really. Found you Googling 'Cheers script', about four years ago. Something like that anyway. Always trenchant, always funny, always fresh. And always going on about Aftermash.

Wayne from Maine said...

I found your blob while searching for Beaver Cleaver airchecks, sometime in 2006. It has become quite addictive, I read it everyday. Can't wait to here more of your radio stories!!!

Emma said...

I found you through Lance Mannion, whom I found through James Wolcott. Been reading you daily since.

I'm not a sports fan, but a radio in the background, playing a baseball announcer, is to me as much a sign of summertime as is the scent of coconut oil. I'm just about as old as you, but grew up in suburbs in the upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest and am so jealous when I read your Woodland Hills memories I suppress tears.

"Frasier" and "Cheers" are both on my best-shows list, and reading your blogs about them is great. The only thing you write about that I skip reading is "American Idol." I just don't get the popularity of that. I'm odd in other ways, too, I guess.

Oh, my word today is "ousnog." Someone with my background naturally would know this as a special holiday drink.

Alyson said...

Hi Ken,
Love the blog. Been reading it for maybe 2 years. I believe I was linked to you from TV critic Alan Seppinwall.
Being a TV addict, my favorite posts are the Friday questions and all the behind the scenes TV stories (particularly Cheers and Frasier - two of my all time favorites). I'm not a huge sports fan, so generally skip those posts. But hey, it's your blog - write what you want!
Thanks for writing every day for 5 years. That's quite an accomplishment.

bettyd said...

Ken -

Great work on keeping a blog that is interesting and one of my daily fixes. I've been reading since before your 1000th post, since I recall a post about that accomplishment. I was linked from Alan Sepinwall on his old NJ newspaper blog. I don't think he has links on a sidebar on his HitFix blog.

I am from Boston, so those occasional Boston references you have via your son or Red Sox references (via your son's awesome blog), really catch my eye.

Mental Lint said...

Congrats on 2,000 posts. If you make it to 3,000 and keep the drug tests clean, you'll be a lock for the Hall of Fame.

I found the blog in 2006 via James Wolcott and have been a regular reader ever since. I really appreciate the daily posting - it's quite impressive. Even the occasional reprised post seems to generate some interesting, fresh comments, and, honestly if you had the Lennon Sisters do a summer replacement blog I'd still keep coming by.

Looking forward to more Netflix recs, Natalie Wood pix, and tales of great comedy writers.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 2000th post! Keep up the excellent work.

I learned of your blog from somebody on a mailing list devoted to the Seattle Mariners (which has, incidentally, been around since you worked for the Mariners). (We miss you in Seattle!) I don't remember how long I've been reading your blog, but it's been a while.

I would love to read more of your adventures in baseball, but I enjoy your TV and radio posts also. Just no more plate spinners, please.

Thanks for all the entertainment!

toetag said...

I found your blog via a Google search. If you search "how to write a spec" your blog is one of the first few results. I am very thankful that I discovered your blog, it is the most consistent entertainment I can read on the Internet. I've only been following a short while and I really appreciate the information and experiences you provide for people striving to write for television. Since I've only been following a short while, I also want to thank you for the Canoga Park link via Youtube, like almost everything else you write or link to, it was hilarious. Thank you, take care.

George Holden

Buttermilk Sky said...

Thank you for never posting pictures of your pets.

Yours is the first blog I read every day, because you write every day -- even on vacation in Hawaii. I am humbled and awed. Congratulations on 2,000 posts and ten times as many laughs.

Raji Barbir said...

Congrats on your 2000th anniversary!! har!

Found the blog when John August linked to you in one of his posts.

Been lurking (asked a Friday question once) for... not sure. A year?

Born in Lebanon, grew up in Belgium, live in Utah. Not sure where I'm from; you decide!

I enjoy pretty much everything (why else would I be subscribed through Google's Reader?), so I'll tell you what I don't enjoy as much: Growing up in the 60s and travelogues.

The rest is tons 'o fun! Thanks for writing!

Unknown said...

Congrats Ken! I live here in Los Angeles and a co-worker turned me on to your blog sometime in 2006-07. I just love reading about your life experience. Thanks for sharing it.

Steve Currie said...

I've been reading for 3 years, 7 months and 7 days. How do I know this? I'm a software developer and read Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing daily. He linked to you on Jan 10, '07 and I've been reading you ever since.

The type of posts I like are the Cheers and Frasier behind-the-scenes posts, the hilarious American Idol reviews (though I forgive you if you don't do them next season - it'll be time for X Factor reviews!), all your radio posts (my backup plan was to get into broadcasting), the posts talking about how you write scripts. So pretty much everything. Keep up the great work! I'm amazed that you can keep them coming so regularly.

I have a question for your Fridays: Do you have a queue of articles waiting to be posted or do you write up your posts just a day or so in advance?

Phil said...

Hey Ken

In 2007, I was living and working in Malaysia and was sent to Brueni to give a talk at the Brunei International School.

I'd just started following a few screenwriter blogs and sitting in the hotel one night, I pasted "Borneo" into google but forgot to delete my previous search terms and up popped your classic "My greatest home run call"

I've lurked ever since and and all my way back to Australia. (Hi from Brisbane!)

Cheers mate

PS Tragically the students did have school after Norm Tonucci hit his homer. I suspect a conspiracy from all the weird looks I got when I asked.

Mac said...

I'm a long-time daily lurker from the UK. I think I found this blog via the Huffington Post, I always check out the comedy section of that.
My favorite posts are the ones explaining how a scene/episode came about, particularly Frasier episodes, as I've watched the show so many times. I love hearing about how an idea is conceived and executed. Even hearing about the hassle involved is funny/interesting.
This is my favorite blog on the net, even though you sometimes write about some weird batting game which might as well be in Latin. Can't you people just learn cricket?
That apart, congratulations on your 2000th. Thanks for a great daily read and here's to many more.

l.a.guy said...

I found your blog on a list of the 20 best porn sites... no wait, that was another site.

Actually somewhere I clicked on a link to your If Aaron Sorkin wrote a show about baseball post and was hooked. I see that post is from October 25th, 2006, so I guess I've read the bulk of your internet musings.

Congratulations on the 2000th blog post. I find your dedication to posting something everyday amazing. And as I think I may have said on the occasion of your 1,000 post, yours is one of the few I'd actually pay to read. (Yours and that porn site.)

Rose said...

Congratulations, Ken!

Your blog is so enjoyable. I look forward to something new every day, and I think that's why I keep coming back. I love reading your anecdotes about the television industry especially, but I also find your reviews and your rants fun and engaging. I'm not as crazy about the baseball features, but that's probably because I'm not a big fan. It doesn't matter, though--your writing is always entertaining, and that's why I love your blog.

Thanks for all the great stuff! Keep doing just what you're doing! And best wishes for the next 2000!

Javi said...

Hi Ken, I am one of those long time lurkers who never really writes but almost daily visits your blog. I am from Spain and I love your blog, specially those posts related to your business, writing. Love all your stories about your shows (Frasier above all!!!) and the inside look to the screenwriter job. That was the reason why I discovered this blog and hopefully I will be able to continue enjoying it fo a long long time. Thank you Ken!!

deborah Nathan said...

Denis McGrath's blog led me to your own. Love it. A real bright spot in my day. Love the humor, irony and advice. MASH was my favorite show. I even wrote a spec script for it (which was returned with a nice note). My first lesson in writing for television.

Looking forward to your next 2000 posts.

The Curmudgeon said...

Sir -- I've been a devoted reader almost from the beginning. I like the baseball stories, the recent DJ stories (these are two of my if-only-I-coulda-done-that fantasies). I liked the American Idol reviews -- and I never watched one minute of any show. (Ditto for Tonys -- why isn't it Tonies? -- Emmys -- Emmies? -- and Oscars.)

Looking forward to the next two thousand as well.

Charles H. Bryan said...

Like many others, I'm a party-crasher from Mark Evanier's site. I'm not sure whether you want to thank him or curse him, but I'm inclined to thank him. Yours and his are the only two blogs that I read on a regular basis.

Thanks for (freely) sharing your writing with us, and thanks for rekindling my interest in baseball -- 'though God knows the Tigers are doing everything they can to douse it again.

A said...

Hey Ken,
Long time lurker, first time poster. I think I've been reading for about 2 years now. Yet another seed of readership sown by Mr. Evanier. I was born in 1980 and grew up glued in front of a TV so when I realized you were on of the geniuses behind the Bar Wars episodes of Cheers, I immediately bookmarked the site. My favorite posts are the Friday Q and A, I've always wished somehow I could have been a part of the entertainment business and the little amusing peeks behind the curtain are always appreciated.
Thanks for everything, here's to 2,000 more and 2,000 more after that and so on....

Chris Barr said...

I confess, I am a lurker - I think I'm just antisocial, really. But today I will break out (briefly) in honor of this momentous post and answer your question. I started reading you a few years ago at the suggestion of my oldest son, then (as now) an enormously talented and unhired writer. I am a much more devoted reader than Matt is, actually, and feel deprived if a day passes when I just can't get to you. I'm your age, so all the references are timely; I share some (though DEFINITELY not all) of your sensibilities and prejudices, and I like the way you write.

So there. Back to my rock now, thanks.

Susan D-L said...

I too was steered here through Mark Evanier, and I'm glad. I love to know how things work, and even as a kid was interested in how TV shows and movies were made--all the parts coming together to make a finished show. (Being graphically motivated I ended up in the nuts and bolts end of making comic books.)

Your posts on writing for and creating television shows are terrific, but I enjoy all of your posts. Life is eclectic and a good blog is, too. Thanks for sharing your humor and observations.

Noel said...

I'd long known your name. Generally, I memorize the names of writers on the sitcoms I admire. Then, when our mutual friend (a shoe-in to win an Emmy or two this year) mentioned that there was a writer who also announced baseball, my interest doubled. And then, reading Jaime Weinman's blog, I noticed the link to you.

I guess the posts I like most have to do with the business of being a comedy writer. I write musical comedies myself, and am fascinated to see what someone else goes through.

I don't read a lot of blogs, but it's fair to say your daily musing is one of my favorite parts of the far-too-wide Web.

Erik said...

Happy 2000th!

I have no idea how I originally came to add you to my blogreader several years ago.

I have no interest in baseball (foreigner), rarely watch TV other than the disney/nickelodean soaps my 12-year old watches.

I guess I just love to watch a craftsman at work.

Thanks for your excellent writing!

Mister Charlie said...

My daughter originally pointed me to the blog, and I bookmarked it years ago. I like the humor as well as the informative nature of behind the scenes industry stuff. Friday questions are probably my favorite. You as a writer simply have the knack to plop out consistently interesting stuff. Not being sports oriented I glaze right over those, but otherwise...good stuff.

Jeffrey Leonard said...

Ken, what can I say that hasn't already been stated? As I have told you before, you put a smile on my face day in and day out. No matter what kind of day I have had, I can ALWAYS depend on you for a daily chuckle. THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to write your blog for all of US. I know you have many other things going on in your life. You are truly ONE OF A KIND.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading for almost a year now. I'm here mostly because I'm a fan of the sitcoms you wrote for, and I'm a screenwriter and want to listen to what you have to say about the business. The social commentaries I enjoy, and the excerpts from your book in progress.

The baseball stuff I'm a little less interested, and the American Idol posts I generally don't bother reading. I don't watch the show and couldn't care less who the judges are, although I think if they hired you on it would be entertaining enough to sit through the rest of it.

Congratulations on the 2000th post!

Kate from NYC said...

If Aaron Sorkin Wrote Baseball!! That was it. I was reading all the comments and wracking my brains trying to remember what brought me to your blog so many years ago. And when I saw l.a. guy's post, it all came back. It was from Alan Sepinwall's blog I think. Or TWOP. Maybe Tomato Nation. But I am positive it was not via Mark Evanier since I have no idea who he is. But, based on the comments, I guess I should check him out.

Congrats on the milestone, Mr. Levine. I came for the TV snark, and stayed for the inside stories and the baseball. I have read and lurked on your site for many years but broke with tradition this once. I look forward to 2,000 more posts.

WV = crastsm - an artisan with a foul mouth

Kirk said...

Congrats on 2000, Ken.

My sister recommended this blog to me. She herself remains a lurker. I've been reading for almost two years.

I'm from suburban Cleveland (please, no jokes. LeBron trashed us once again in GQ)

My favorite posts are the ones about MASH and older sitcoms and comedy movies. I also enjoy it when you answer questions.

Speaking of questions, thanks again for answering several of mine over the past two years.

Alyssa said...

Hi, I'm a lurker from PA. I honestly cannot remember how I found your blog, it was about 6 months or so ago. (I should remember that...)
My favorite posts are when you offer insight into the processes that go on writing for shows. I had no idea how writers actually went about writing scripts until your recent posts about it, and I've really enjoyed reading them.
So thanks, and congrats!

Batocchio said...


Anonymous said...

I actually stumbled upon here when I was Googling Al Rosen, the crotchety old barfly from Cheers. I read your anecdote about him and have been a fan ever since. My favorite entries are your behind-the-scene stories. Your blog has also made me realize how overlooked writers are. You've probably written years of entertainment for me and I say thank you.

Svein B said...

Congrats on 2000!

I have no idea how i stumbled upon your blog, but now I am hooked and have been for many years.

I am a Norwegian software engineer, and I guess the insight into a world so remote from my own is part of the fascination.

Keep them coming!

Frances said...

I found your blog via Twitter.

I'm from Sydney, Australia.

Been lurking for about 6 months now.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. Congratulations on your 2000th post. I've been reading you for years now, and really can't remember how I found you. Like so many others, it was probably a link from another site, and probably Mark Evanier's site, but I can't swear to it.

As for which type of post I like best, it's certainly the entertainment anecdotes, including the Friday Questions. I'm generally the least interested in the sports stories, but I still read them because even though I'm not a sports guy, your writing is always entertaining and your enthusiasm for the topic is infectious.

So thanks for posting everything you post, and for bringing years of smiles and laughs even before you started blogging and even before I knew who you were.


My musings said...

Congratulations! I still remember discovering this blog during the Writer's Strike. I don't work in entertainment; I just wanted to know if LOST would be back as scheduled, and that's what led me to your blog. Needless to say, I found it amusing, entertaining, and informative, and that's what kept me coming back ever since. Here's hoping you continue to do what you've done so far and entertain us along the way!

tesolly said...

Well done on getting to 2000 Ken.

I've been reading your blog for about 18 months now. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it but am glad I did!

I seem to like most of your posts except the reviews American Idol and other reality tv show tha we don't get here in England but I'd probably like them if we did!

Thanks again,


David said...

I followed from Mark Evanier's recommendation.

I enjoy getting your view of the industry, to even include those wacky TV themes you posted the other day.

I enjoy that there's no set pattern for what you'll present each day.

So always keep us guessing.


Unknown said...

Wil Wheaton specifically mentioned you're blog being great. And since his is great, i figured yours must be. So far, so..great.

karigee said...

I'm late to the party! I've been reading since I attended the Sitcom Room in 2007 -- lo, these many years? -- and stick around precisely because you write with no direction. It's refreshing. Thanks for sticking with it.

VP81955 said...

100th comment to the 2000th post...Lynchburg, Va. here (and no, I am neither a Baptist nor have anything to do with the Falwells)...You are/were in three endeavors that I envy -- top 40 radio, baseball broadcasting and film/TV writing. No wonder I live vicariously through you. (Hope that doesn't sound creepy.) Keep up the good work.

WV: "acleana" -- sonething that would be the subject of a "Mad Men" agency account or a line in an Al Jolson song.

Igor Hiller said...

Hi Ken,
As one of the aforementioned lurkers, I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself.

I'm a 21 year-old college grad who is moving to LA to pursue television writing. I was looking for screenwriting-related blogs, stumbled upon yours, and quickly added it to my Google Reader subscriptions. You've been an excellent source of knowledge ever since, and I continue to look forward to your posts.


Matt K said...

Found you via Paul Harris when he was doing radio on KMOX. I tune in occasionally to see if you have some video and corresponding dialog to go with it.

Guess I'm one of the "lurkers".

Brandi Ford said...

Found you on twitter earlier this year via Felicia Day when you wrote that excellent post on the craziness of pilot season.

Been in my Google Reader ever since!

I love the great behind the scenes posts you write and look forward to your critiques on what's on tv right now.

Not a fan of the baseball stories but you do seem to make them more entertaining than actually watching the games themselves.

Congrats on your 2000th post!!

Rob Spratt said...

To answer your questions:

- How did you stumble upon this blog in the first place?
Pretty much the same story as Mark who posted 8/17/2010 7:26 AM. About a month ago, I was hunting for an 'Arthur' script and stumbled on a Google link to the 'Arthur' posts that you did. After reading those, I realised I was on a rather special website and from that moment I have been hooked. I absolutely adore your site.

- How long have you been here?
I discovered it about a month ago. I've probably been back 10 times since and must have spent two to three hours each visit.

- Where are you from?
Norwich, in the good ol' U of K

- What types of posts do you like or not like?
So far I have loved absolutely every single word I have read. I really can't say enough good things about you or your blog. Your writing is truly captivating, whatever you are writing about, and I love that 'no direction is your direction' because that suits me just fine, too. So, it really doesn't matter what you write about. Everything you write is interesting and you are the most interesting fellow to follow.

On a final note, You can't imagine how delightful it is to stumble on your site as I did, and then find out just how wonderful the site is and that, praise the Lord, there ARE 2,000 postings to relish and enjoy (not forgetting the feeback/comments they get, too).

Absolutely superb! Thank you!

p.s. Is there anything you can do to help get a decent DVD out for the original 'Arthur'? Arthur is my favourite movie of all time and it is awful that there has never been a DVD available which is jam-packed with 'special features' as well as a the movie itself. I find the thought of Russell Brand starring in a remake completely abhorrent BUT, if it means that we will finally get a decent DVD of the original because of it, then I can't wait! Anyway, if you can have any influence with that at all, I'm begging you to help make it happen!

All the best,


Anne O. said...

Late congratulations Ken,
Your wonderful 2009 Oscars reviews was linked to by a different ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation's - Oscars page, and I was hooked.

I know that you don't think that people read archives, but in Dec 10, as I was finishing up a 3 year project, I worked backwards to the start, and regular supply my Baby Boomer raised on TV sitcoms other half with things he never knew about his favourite show Fraiser.

Thanks by the way for the review on "Hello Lied the Agent" - it was his favourite Chrissie present.