Sunday, August 01, 2010

The final total is....

Let's go to the tote board now where the cardboard cut out of Ed McMahon is standing by. The final total of new Twitter followers is...140,947!!!

Okay. 112.

But I appreciate each and every one. And you can still sign up. This was my first telethon and I learned a lot. The plate spinner killed me. And Lulu didn't help. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Tomorrow morning: My open letter to AMERICAN IDOL.


Gary said...

Congratulations! 112, that's not bad, is it? I think I had 1 in the pool. Next year...stick with the proven acts. Porn.

Omnibabe said...

Don't know if you saw that George Wendt's mother died. Her obit mentioned that she'd appeared as an extra on Cheers more than once, God bless her!