Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anna Faris: I sexted my dad

That's just one of the actual Huffington Post headlines I read recently.    These are the stories we really need to follow. 

Taylor Momsen Promote Masturbation

James Franco Watched Man Have Sex With Gigolo

Liv Tyler Doesn't Know How To Date

Mila Kunis: The First Thing I Ate After Wrapping 'Black Swan'


Anonymous said...

Hey, WHAT do you expect from a liberal eilte blog with contributions from the likes of Bonnie Fuller, Laurie David, Madonna, and Bill Maher but useless. worthless trash?

Anonymous said...

I think we were all more interested in what Mila Kunis ate during the filming of Black Swan, if ya catch my drift.

Breadbaker said...

Anna's dad is a friend of mine who would clearly have taken the text as a mistake and laughed pretty hard at it and never given it a second thought.