Saturday, November 03, 2012

the Sunshine Boys

I posted this on Facebook and it got a bunch of "likes" so I'm posting it here.  My partner David Isaacs and I at my book signing.   Still talking to each other after all these years.  The last time we looked this happy was when we got a foreign residual for our TORTELLIS episode. 


Tim W. said...

Does it bother David that you apparently got the hair out of the partnership?

ally said...

Good lord, could you please tell us how you met, and how you managed to stay on good terms for all these years? There are marriages that don't last as long!

Carol said...

Friday question:

Awhile ago, I was having a discussion on Livejournal regarding the widespread desire to see Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman act together, preferably in a romantic musical comedy.

I had an story idea that ran something like: Neil(Neil Patrick Harris) brings his grandmother (Betty White) to England were she could relive the days when she performed in the USO. They go to this theatre where she performed and discover her lost love (Bernard Cribbins) was running the theatre. Helping him is an American ex-pat, John (John Barrowman) and he and Neil are instantly attracted to each other, but Neil is hesitant as he never told his grandmother he was gay.

So assuming I have the talent to write this, and the connections to get it in front of someone (Spoiler: I don't) what are the odds that I, as the writer, could get the cast I want, and if I couldn't would I be able to take the script back, as the whole point of this exersise was to get to see NPH and John Barrowman kissing each other.

(Note to Studio Executives. Many women would pay movie theatre prices to see this happen. No, really. Take a poll.)

Mac said...

Well fancy that! I've just been watching David Isaacs in a very interesting documentary called "Family Guys?" about what sitcoms tell us about the American psyche, and other deep philosophical questions.

It's on the BBC but I'm sure as a contributor Mr Isaacs will have got a copy, or it'll be on BBC America. Anyway, it's well worth a look.