Thursday, December 12, 2013

Golden Globes nominations announced

Here they are.  They waiters... I mean Foreign Press ... have set aside the specials for the night and announced this year's Golden Globes nominees.   Not a lot of surprises.  HOMELAND is nowhere to be seen after being the waiters' darling a couple of years ago.  Nice to see THE GOOD WIFE being recognized.  Somehow GIRLS still gets some nods.  Lena must really tip well.  AMERICAN HUSTLE scored a lot of noms.  OPRAH WINFREY'S THE BUTLER did not get a Best Picture nod.  Heads will roll.  Anyway, here is a complete list of the nominations.   

The awards will be announced on January 12th.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be out of town that weekend so will not review them.  But Tina and Amy are hosting.  It'll be a fun show without me.


Liggie said...

-- I've heard Delpy is getting serious Oscar buzz. Interesting to see if she gets this one first.

-- Clear more space in your trophy cabinet, Parsons.

-- I know Woody hates award shows, but not showing up to receive your lifetime achievement award is simply rude. Still, there are other things in life to get more worked up over.

Hamid said...

I guess Oprah will have to ditch the acceptance speech for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar she wrote six months ago.

Mike said...

A couple of British TV programmes I suggested might be of interest are nominated: Dancing on the Edge and Burton & Taylor.