Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm on the radio tonight

I will be on 790 KABC radio (and here on the net) tonight and tomorrow night from 9-midnight PST.  The Jews always work on Christmas.  Should be fun.  I've got a lot of cool topics to discuss.  So join me.  And call in.  1-800-222-5222.

Here's a random Christmas picture.   Hope you're having a merry one.


VP81955 said...

Sorry I missed it. Did you also order Chinese food for the holiday? (Stereotypical ethnic comment, I know, but not meant to be malicious -- I like Chinese food, too.)

Cute photo of Elizabeth Montgomery, BTW, though I don't know whether that was taken during her Samantha period or is "pre-witched." Apparently having Robert for a father helped her get the showbiz bug early in life, as this anecdote, reported in the December 1940 Photoplay, makes evident:

Mike said...

Awesome picture.