Monday, December 30, 2013

Join me on the radio tonight

I'll be on 790 KABC tonight from 9-midnight PST.  You can hear it live here.  Lot of fun guests.  The hot new writing team of Annie Levine & Jon Emerson will be on at 10 to discuss this year in pop culture.  At 9 I've got Amy Rubin, writer-star of the hit web series, LITTLE HORRIBLES.  Variety calls it one of the top 10 web series on the interweb thing.  Plus, Dodger talk, Black Monday NFL talk, movie talk, TV talk, and God knows what.  I may even plug my book.   So join me for the fun and traffic on the 4's. 


George said... gotta give us more warning. I can't check back 5 times a day!

M said...

are these shows recorded? there's no way i can stay up, but i'd love to hear it

VP81955 said...

Heard you when you were on with the substitute host of the John Batchelor show a few months back; will try to catch this one too, especially since I hope to be moving to Los Angeles sometime during 2014.

VP81955 said...

Great story about Vin Scully and Elizabeth Montgomery. Was this before or after Vin did a cameo on "Bewitched"?

Ed from South Bend said...

What a treat to speak to you on the radio!

Sarah Silverman Stephanie Edwards?


Johnny Walker said...

Oops, missed this... any way to hear it again?