Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Episode 23: Interview w/ Filmmaker Kevin Smith

Ken interviews filmmaker Kevin Smith, who has produced dozens of movies including Dogma, Clerks, and Mallrats. They discuss Kevin’s writing and directing process, how he broke into the industry, and who were his inspirations. Plus, he offers fantastic advice to young filmmakers and shares what is the best recipe for talent and luck.

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Ralph C. said...

Ken, I've been catching up on your podcasts and haven't been able to listen to this ine, yet, but will do that soon. I enjoyed all of them, especially the Cheers last episode podcast. That last moment with Sam and Norm was one of my favorite moments in storytelling, ever. A beautiful sentiment and a truth that Sam knew in his soul but needed articulation by another person. Norm was the perfect character to deliver this realization to Sam, probably due to Norm's feelings about the bar, too. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Ralph C. said...

I listened to this today and it was a good one.