Thursday, June 15, 2017

Misc. Takes

Is FARGO turning into TWIN PEAKS?

Can you believe the baseball season is almost half over already?

Tom Cruise is no boxoffice match for an Israeli woman with a tiara and lasso.

Apparently there were more people inside Radio City watching than Tonys than the television audience.

As always happens, shows that don’t win Tonys close ten minutes after the ceremony. Farewell to INDECENT, SWEAT, and 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION. But CATS continues on

24.5 million viewers watched the last game of the NBA Finals. Opening night for the 2017-18 season is next Thursday.

Why I love the Golden State Warriors: they plan to decline an invitation to the White House.

You can follow me on Instagram at HollywoodandLevine. I post pictures of food and scenery like everybody else.
They keep rebooting all these movies. The one movie I really want to see rebooted is ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon will win Oscars.

I had a girlfriend in high school who wouldn’t sleep with me because she was born on June 15th. It’s the middle of the month, middle of the year, and that meant she was destined to stay noncommittal. That’s the most creative brush-off I’ve ever had. The rest all just said, “No!”

Did you ever think you’d see a Yankees team hitting so well with their first and third baseman batting eighth and ninth?

Emmy consideration billboards are up in my neighborhood. How about yours?

Check out my podcast this week. Part two of my interview with Kevin Smith and it’s even better and more personal than part one. And you get to meet my daughter Annie and her husband/writing partner Jon. Kevin interviews them. Just click on the big gold arrow under the masthead.
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Remember when the summer meant network reruns? Now it means burning off CARMICHAEL and Steve Harvey.

Have you seen the reboot of CLARRISA EXPLAINS IT ALL? It’s on MSNBC every night starring Rachel Maddow.

I lost 3,000 steps when I flew across country and the app switched over to PDT. If only there was a diet app that did that.

Are they still calling ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK a “comedy?” If so, it’s a big waste of a billboard.

James Lipton would ask Putin tougher questions than Oliver Stone did.

Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.  Don't even think of getting me a tool. 


Stoney said...

I thought "Fargo" was turning into "Twin Peaks" back in the first season when all the fish fell from out of the sky.

Jeannie said...

Off-topic, but I just have to thank you. It's been a dismal week, so I've been comfort-food-TV-watching "Cheers." Last night, saw a Levine & Isaacs episode from the 1st season. Loved the Russian poem Diane's friend quotes: "Mischa the dog lies dead in the bog. / The children cry over the carcass. / The mist chokes my heart, covers the mourners. / At least this year we eat." It made me laugh out loud for the first time in a long time. Thank God for reruns.

Andrew said...

Love the idea of James Lipton interviewing Putin.

" your favorite curse word?"

VP81955 said...

Too bad she wasn't a baseball fan, Ken -- she could've used the June 15 (former) trade deadline as an excuse. "Sorry, but I have to find out whether the Twins traded for a second baseman."

Larry E. Romaine said...

For what it is worth, there actually has been a sort of reboot--well, continuation, really--of CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. Mitchell Kriegman, the creator of the series, recently published a novel, THINGS I CAN'T EXPLAIN, which catches up with Clarissa several years after the end of the series.

I should perhaps note that this is intended for people who watched the series when it was new, not girls who are now the age of the audience back then. In other words, it is a novel for adults; Clarissa has a normal sex life, and uses the occasional naughty word.

Jonathan said...

Isn't Tom Cruise like 60 or something?

MikeN said...

Wanted to cheer against the Warriors with their Trump bashing, but LeBron is so much worse with his dangerous endorsement of lies about TrayVon and Ferguson(look how much their murder rate has gone up after cops decided to back off), and now seems to have made up a story about racist graffiti at his LA house. Allegedly painting it over while talking about Emmitt Till's open casket just made it worse.

Andy Rose said...

There's already been a reboot of All the President's Men with female leads. It was called Dick.

DBenson said...

"I had a girlfriend in high school who wouldn’t sleep with me because she was born on June 15th. It’s the middle of the month, middle of the year, and that meant she was destined to stay noncommittal. That’s the most creative brush-off I’ve ever had. The rest all just said, “No!”"

Couldn't you make a case for halfway?

VP81955 said...

And speaking of Clarissa, not long ago Melissa Joan Hart (who turned 41 in April!) wrote her autobiography, appropriately titled "Melissa Explains It All," which I'll have to borrow from the library one of these days and I'm certain discusses the series in depth. (I must admit to being more of a fan of MJH's other iconic TV character, the magical Sabrina Spellman.)

Loosehead said...

Well, she is a very fine looking Isaraeli woman.

Liggie said...

I was rooting for the San Antonio Spurs to win the title only because cranky head coach Greg Popovic would've gotten into Trumps face at the White House ceremony, with no regard to blowback from him or the public.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to any of you guys that maybe injecting politics into the NBA Finals, Right or Left, would inappropriate.
You win the Title, you visit the White House. It's the Office not the man. Nobody should hold it against you if you don't support him, vote for him or like him. What exactly are you proving by not visiting the White House or telling off the President in that venue?
It's an honor to visit the White House - Obama or Trump or whoever.
And getting in the President's face at a championship celebration is the height of bad taste. Go home and bad mouth him if you really feel you must.
But apparently we have blown by that exit.

Jahn Ghalt said...

Kerr and the Dubs have done Pres. Trump a favor by declining in advance. The invitation will not be made.

The only time in memory that the "optics" of a White House NBA Champion visit made much sense was with Pres. Obama as hoops-fan-in-chief.

Why? Not only is he a diehard Bulls fan, he stays in shape, and plays pickup games.
In 2008 I viewed a few youtubes and saw that he has a sweet stroke - he's a "player" for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ken, have you watched Noah Hawley's (creator/writer of FARGO) show called LEGION? It has more of a mindfuck/Twins Peak vibe to it.

Ron Rettig said...

I remember when summer meant pilots that weren't picked up were aired by the networks to see if they might fly. Usually they were accompanied by public service announcements (when the PSAs were actually aired as a service)