Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Episode 25: Adventures in Television Directing

Ken shares stories of directing sitcoms. He describes what it's like to be challenged by actors, how to win them over, and almost killing an actor. Then he discusses the many times he got fired in radio and how he went out in a blaze of glory on several of those occasions.

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Mike Barer said...

I would think that playing something odd for your last record would get you blackballed and prevent you from getting another gig. It does make a great story. The guy who did the training for the student radio station at WSU had a job in Colfax that he hated. For his last song he played "Take This Job And Shove It" It didn't hear if he got anything after that.

Roger Owen Green said...

You don't need that Smith fella!

Tom Foolery said...

Nice show...I never heard of Susan Sullivan is until I looked her up on IMDB. I never watched a single episode of "Falcon Crest" "Greg & Dharma" or "Castle"

Nosy Question.... for your 50+ TV Director jobs...did you get the DGA minimum? How does an agent negotiate for a TV Director job? Does anyone get more than the scale? Are TV Directors interchangeable, thus no leverage to get $$$ ??

Andy Rose said...

I've only been fired from 3 broadcasting jobs. But I left two others because I sensed layoffs were coming. Can those count? :)

Anne from Glendale said...

I just loved this podcast! It's what I come here for: good, fresh insider stories from the industry trenches told by a smart, funny guy with a radio voice who's not afraid to snark it out. I just left 5 stars on the iTunes review page.

And I know true crime podcasts are hot right now but all the serial killers in the world can't beat Ken's awards show reviews. During the Oscar podcast my boyfriend laughed so hard he practically choked to death. I had to hit pause and run to get his asthma inhaler.

Let's see those crime weenies top that. Hah! They can't!