Wednesday, August 08, 2018

EP84: Meet Porky Pig and the world of animation voice over

Ken’s guest is Bob Bergen, one of the most successful cartoon voice over artists in Hollywood.  It’s like having Porky Pig and Luke Skywalker give you a tour through the exciting behind-the-scenes world of animation.   

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Dhruv said...

I envy you Ken to have met the talented and amazing Bob Bergen and I envy Bob for having met three of the greatest voice actors Mel Blanc, June Foray and Daws Butler :)

Would have loved to hear him say who did he considers as the best.

I wish he had spoken like Charlie Dog too apart from Porky. I tried to find a clip on YT, but all were those of Mel Blanc's voice.

Regarding voices being sped up - the voices sound normal. I didn't understand how they are sped up. I can understand that Daffy's and Speedy's voices look a bit fast.

Was depressing to hear the premiere story. Premieres are only for talent?!!

Overflow theaters. That's something new I learnt today.

Thanks for the interview Ken :)

Mr. Hollywood said...

And then there was Mel Blanc, the "Babe Ruth" of cartoon voice talent!

VincentS said...

Great interview, Ken, but I miss the old jingle.

Andy Rose said...

It’s a testament to how well Bob does Porky that he is almost always the guy they use. Unlike Disney, Warners recasts their classic characters pretty often, but very few people can do that Porky stutter correctly. (Hint: If you’re just going “A-bee-a-bee-a-bee” and then saying the straight phrase, you’re doing it wrong.) Mel’s son Noel did Porky on at least one project, and even he wasn’t as good as Bob.

If you listen to some of Mel’s raw recordings, you’ll notice that the voices of Sylvester and Daffy were basically identical as performed live. Same speech impediment... both say “Sufferin’ Succotash.” The only real difference is that the tape of Daffy’s voice was sped up a tad while Sylvester’s is unaltered.