Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Richbro Radio is BACK

If you like great music from the 50's-70's and you have a computer or a device, richbroradio.com is for YOU.

Rich Brother Robbin has put together the best oldies station on the net.  Lots of songs you haven't heard in forever along with vintage radio station jingles and fun features.

Lately, Rich has experienced technical problems that kicked him off the air for a couple of weeks, but now he is BACK.

You can listen here.

The music we baby boomers cherished is slowly fading into the mist.  So (no matter what age you are) if you love the Beatles, Beach Boys, Doors, Motown, Lesley Gore, the British Invasion, the Byrds, Bob Dylan, the Brill Building Sound, Otis Redding, instrumentals, girl groups, folk music, Doo Wops, the Mamas & Papas, the Wall of Sound, Sonny & Cher, your favorite dances, one hit wonders, Jackie Wilson, Jefferson Airplane, Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, the Sun records roster, surf songs, hot rod songs, soul, blue-eyed soul, follow-ups, flip sides, million sellers, bubbling unders, and the Monkees then Richbroradio.com is for YOU. 

It's always hard when you go off the air.  You've got to reclaim your listeners.  But if you're returning or you're new you're going to be thrilled that it's back pumping out the hits 24 hours-a-day.

Tell 'im Beaver Cleaver sent you. 


Zack Bennett said...

RichBro was my program director at WGFX/Nashville in 2003. I learned more from this guy than anybody I've ever worked with. Glad to see he's doing well.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Speaking of jingles, I've been wondering why you replaced yours on the podcast with a somewhat electronic, wordless rendering of the same notes. I preferred the jingle version, which I thought fitted the style of radio your podcast draws on.


Janet Ybarra said...

This is cool. And it's not just Baby Boomers but we forgotten members of Gen X too. Our local classic rock stations are playing music from the 1990s and trying to pass that off as classic rock. What it is is an obvious grab for the Millennial crowd.


At any rate, RichBro has a new happy listener.

MWire said...

I missed Richbro Radio. Glad to see it's back.

sanford said...

wish he had an ap. Or he was on stitcher or tune in? I listen to music on my phone when I go to sleep. I usually set the timer for 30 minutes, although I probably hear two songs before I fall asleep.

Dave Creek said...

Classic rock may be fading, but I've been impressed that it's stuck around as long as it has, and that a lot of younger people like it, as well. My son's 23, and he's loved the Beatles since he was a child. Recently we saw one of the versions of Yes and he loved them, too.

So we're listening to music these days that is fifty or sixty years old. Certainly in the sixties we weren't listening to music from 1915, so the staying power of the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, etc. is impressive.

McAlvie said...

This is great! Thanks, Ken. My taste in music is eclectic, but I've always felt lucky to have "come up" in the 60s and 70s.

normadesmond said...

Great news, thanks!!

Ed Ryba on IMDB said...

I was a Radio Program Director from the late b'70s to the late '80's, and there was a Bill Drake/Buzz Bennett documentary that Ken Levine made long, long ago, which I pulled out and played for MY jocks just before a rating book so they could hear EXACTLY what GOOD Radio sounded like and get them PUMPED before the ratings started. Among the airchecks included on that tape were Rich Brother Robbin, among others at KCBQ San Diego. That Documentary made a LOT of difference in making my station WIN the book! So I owe BOTH Ken and Rich for having the #! station on California's Central Coast!! Thanks, Ken, and hi Rich!! Your internet station is by far the BEST Oldies station I've ever heard!!! the so-called terrestrial broadcast "oldies" stations can't TOUCH RICHBRO Radio!!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, Richbro is gone again.

Phil said...

Yes Ken. Do you know why Richbro is off the air again?
Thanks, Phil