Wednesday, August 15, 2018

EP85: Meet Peri Gilpin of FRASIER

Peri Gilpin, who played Roz on FRASIER talks about the possible
FRASIER reboot, working with that cast, her career, and her dad who was a celebrity himself.

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Captain Time Warp said...

Ken, This was one of my favorite episodes. Peri is a joy to listen to. Can't wait until next week.

Mike Barer said...

That is a great guest to get! Can't wait to listen!

Stephen Robinson said...

What a voice! And a great actor.

Max Clarke said...

Good Part 1.

Good to hear her father's demo tape running the introductions to those hit songs.

First time I heard Peri was on "Woody Gets An Election." Caught it on FM radio from KTVU when I could not watch the syndicated Cheers episode at home. Her voice made quite a first impression.

The pilot for Frasier was up there with Cheers' "Give Me A Ring Sometime." Seeing Peri was like watching Shelley Long embody her character perfectly from the first minute.

Will catch part 2 for sure.

Mitchell Hundred said...

So when are you going to go on Alan Alda's new podcast?

(Consider this a Friday Question if you like).

Mike Barer said...

That was great, I wondered if the actor was as likable as her character and she really is. She seems like someone that you would enjoy sitting down with at Starbuck's.