Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happy Birthday, Annie!

First off I want to wish the happiest of Happy Birthdays to my fabulous, funny, phenomenal daughter, Annie.  You make me proud everyday.  And you make me laugh everyday.  Could a father ever ask for more?  I love you, kiddo. 

Okay, the rest of you can now scroll down to today's post.  Thanks. 


Kirk said...

Happy birthday, Annie.

ScarletNumber said...

You left out writer on the hit CBS show Kevin Can ... oh, wait.

Penelope said...

Happy Birthday!

Ken, in this instance it's every day, not everyday. C'mon!

Jabbawookie said...

Hi, Ken. Guessing this is the proper place for submitting a Friday question. My question, of TV performers past and present whom would you consider as being so unique that we will likely never see their combination of talent and presence again? I narrowed my list to six:

Elizabeth Montgomery
Don Adams
Irene Ryan
Paul Lynde
Larry Hagman
Dick Van Dyke

In a category all of his own: Fred Rogers (because of his multiple talents as TV host, writer, puppeteer and composer).

Thanks for this great blog, opportunity for outreach.

Keith Nichols said...

I must say that Annie looks like she gets the joke, which is a rare quality in today's kids.

Jabbawookie said... sorry...belated Happy B-Day, Annie!

Mike Barer said...

Happy belated birthday, Annie!

Melinda said...

Did you hear the news? Burt Reynolds took one look at your ugly daughter and dropped dead!