Wednesday, April 08, 2020

EP169: For those who miss sports

On this week's Hollywood & Levine, sportscaster Josh Lewin joins Ken to discuss his new podcast, “The Throwback League” – recreating games between the best teams in baseball. It’s a great way to spend a day on lockdown. 

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Rick Hannon said...

Ken, this relates not to anything you have posted, but (I think) it's well-worth sharing. The current issue of New York magazine (3/30 - 4/12) has a lengthy section on how to cope with the current Corona virus situation. One is "Fill Up on TV Comfort Food." Number One on the list: Cheers. Number 3: Frasier. Of the former: "It's just really solid jokes ... hits much more than it misses ... really, really funny and It'll make you smile a lot." Of the latter: "Frasier is good, guys! ... Broad slapstick! Witty highbrow references! The dog!"

Big Wave Dave seems not to have made the list, but they only listed 15 ... probably missed by "just this much."

Anyway, good job outta you.

Gary said...

Friday question: I read online today that for the final episode of Frasier, the writers wanted to have Tony Randall appear as Niles and Frasier's "Uncle Felix." But apparently Randall was in ill health by then and couldn't appear. Ken, do you know if there is any truth to this? Seems like it would have been a great idea.

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks for the mention of I played a series between the 1969 Seattle Pilots and the 1977 Seattle Mariners (Pilots won 4 games to 2).

Brian said...

FRIDAY QUESTIONS for BILL PERSKY: I was enjoying the Dick Van Dyke Show episode, "The Ghost of A. Chantz". At one point, Laura becomes frustrated and says, "Move over Cissy, your Ma's tired!" and Sally replies, "And your Daddy's good lookin'...".

I know Sally is referring to George Gershwin's "Summertime", but what is Laura referring to?

Also, did this show take more hours to film, with all of the trickery?

Mike Barer said...

I love when you talk about sports. I enjoyed this pod because it sounded like you were both having fun.

Saburo said...

Thanks so much for this podcast introduction. The first broadcast of this genre that I can remember was "The Greatest Game Never Played." A pro-style recreation with Hall-of-Fame American and National League lineups. As a kid I thought this was the event of the decade.

There's even a wiki page: