Wednesday, April 29, 2020

EP172: Bringing Live Theatre to YOU

Ken shares a one act play he wrote called SIGNING OFF. It’s about a late night talk host who’s put out to pasture meeting his young replacement. It’s a comedy/drama, performed last year at the Atwater Theatre in Los Angeles starring Nick Ullett & Clayton Ferris, directed by Tony Pasqualini.  With all stages dark these days, here’s a way to enjoy live theatre presented in the safety of your speaker or ear buds.

Listen to the Hollywood & Levine podcast!


Mike Bloodworth said...

I actually saw this play live in the theater. It was pretty good.
Ken is surprisingly social-media savvy for someone his age.
Just kidding, of course.
Good job, Ken.

Todd Everett said...

Nick Ullett! Good to see he's still around,

Buttermilk Sky said...

Congratulations on becoming a JEOPARDY! clue. Alex even pronounced your name right.

Rory L. Aronsky said...

To add onto Buttermilk Sky's congratulations, here's the link to the board through J! Archive, under the category "Totally Awesome '80s TV":

gottacook said...

What an honor, to be named in a clue. It was the most competitive Jeopardy! match in a long time. All the clues and responses are at

Double Jeopardy round, Totally Awesome '80s TV category: "Ken Levine & David Isaacs penned 'The Boys in the Bar' & 'The Last Angry Mailman' episodes of this sitcom."