Wednesday, April 22, 2020

EP171: Ken's Top 5 List, For 25 Different Categories

On this week's Hollywood & Levine podcast, Ken shares 25 different top 5 lists in categories that range from movies, TV, radio, actors, comedians, singers, announcers, and steak houses. Listen to this hilarious podcast, as Ken shares his years of experience and expertise in the world of entertainment. 

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Jim S said...


These are opinions. Given the fact that there is a wealth of choices and you only get to pick five in each category, no problem.

After all, you have seen shows from many decades and the influence of these shows, movies, bands etc. shape your views. For example, I maintain that Airplane and Animal House are two of the funniest movies ever made. I am not mad that they didn't make your list because there are a lot of really funny movies to chose from and you picked some classics.

Well one problem. You left out Ernie Harwell? No, that's just a bridge too far.

Now go to your room and think about your list.

Dave Creek said...

The amazing thing about a Springsteen show is that I'm pretty much wiped out just watching him. So much energy for such a long time! I have no idea how he actually does this every night.

Troy McClure said...

I enjoyed the podcast. I was surprised by your inclusion of Superman II in your top 5 action movies. You're no doubt referring to the theatrical release. I urge you to check out the Richard Donner cut that was released in 2006. It's far superior.

For anyone who doesn't know, Donner was fired from Superman II after he clashed with the producers. They replaced him with Richard Lester, who reshot 80% of the film. He went on to make the campy Superman III that had silly slapstick that demeaned the character. Donner's footage was recovered and fully restored. They had to use screen test footage for a couple of brief scenes for which properly filmed versions didn't exist. Otherwise it's a seamless restoration and is magnificent.

I like the Lester version too, as it's the one I saw the most growing up, but the Donner cut is better.

I won't list my top 5 for all the categories, as it'll take up way too much space, so I'll just put my top 5 films overall and my top 5 action films.

Top 5 films overall
2001: A Space Odyssey
Back to the Future
Taxi Driver

Top 5 action films
Die Hard
Terminator 2
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Robocop (the 1987 original of course)

RobW said...

Loved that Eve Arden made your list, although I would be hard pressed to choose between her and Thelma Ritter if I could choose only one.
Surprised you didn't remember to tell the kids that she played the principal in Grease - pretty much everyone would know her from that, even if it was really a cameo role.

benson said...

Hey, Ken,

Off Topic, but wanted to call your attention to it. An APEntertainment tweet:

.@EricMcCormack says the sitcom style of #WillandGrace, with four cameras and a studio audience, is on its way out. He shares why he’s been cherishing the experience. #WillAndGraceFarewell

Mike Barer said...

I would include Airplane for funny movies, along with the Naked Gun series.
Al Green would fit nicely into your list of singers.

Peter H said...

Hi Ken, enjoyed your top 25 episode--have you put your listings anywhere on the blog?

One suggestion: your choice of listings did not include Animation--Films and/or TV

Animation so huge
On initial thought, combining film and tv for the moment, possible thoughts that come to mind: Fleischer's Popeyes; Snow White original; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; The Simpsons

Re-watched Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train the other day. Remarkable how well it holds up

Thanks for all the great work! Peter H

DwWashburn said...

Intolerance, Horse Feathers, Head

Fitz said...

Friday Question:

Ron Swanson:
Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Wait, wait. I'm worried what you just heard was, "Give me a lot of bacon and eggs." What I said was, "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have". Do you understand?

Once in a while a line beomes iconic. Do you have any iconic lines?

Andrew said...

I love your lists, Ken. I agree with your top movie. I remember when I watched it years ago, thinking, "This is the greatest movie I've ever seen." I was young, and only knew of Guinness from Star Wars. But anyway, my favorite movies would still be "Casablanca" and "The Godfather."

(If you've never seen it, can I make a recommendation? "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" - the BBC series. Guiness's greatest performance. The whole thing is on YouTube.)

I agree also about Hackman. I've loved him in everything he's been in, even lousy movies like "The Quick and the Dead". I saw "The Conversation" for the first time recently and was blown away. Clint Eastwood supposedly said after directing "Unforgiven," that only Hackman could pull off such a performance (in particular the English Bob scene).

Concerning Duvall, agreed again. I was wondering if you've ever seen "The Apostle"? That was Duvall's labor of love. It's a slow but stunning movie.

I'll stop here or this will be an essay. Thanks for introducing me to a few new names, which I will look for.