Wednesday, September 02, 2020

EP190: The Inside Secrets of TV Research

Research plays a major role in what shows get on the air. But how does it work and what are they looking for?  Steve Leblang is a media research expert.  From dial testing to focus groups to measuring brain waves, Steve walks us through the various ways data is collected.  And he talks about how accurate those political polls are.

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Anonymous said...

“The Inside Secrets of TV Research” was an interesting episode, but - info-wise -
likely to disappoint Zenith and Motorola owners looking to upgrade.

Unknown said...
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Caleb Martin said...

Steve is a genius in his field, but more importantly, he's a blue chip human being. It was cool to hear him repeatedly show how much he knows and respects your screen, stage, and blog work; he's just that deeply considerate across the board. Terrific interview on both your part and his.

Mike Barer said...

One time on a trip to LA, my family and I were in a focus group for a potential TV show. I don't think it made it on the air. It was at the NBC studio, if memory serves.