Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The reprehensible presidential debate

After last night’s utter Shit Show (as “Fake News” journalist, Dana Bash so succinctly put it), if you are still for Trump, please stop reading my blog.  Please do not listen to my podcast.  Please do not follow me on social media.   Unfriend me.  Unsubscribe. Block me. I don’t care.  Please just GO AWAY.    Of course I’m disabling comments, libtard that I am.


And before I get into the debate, let me say this to Trump supporters --  I care more about your welfare and safety than you do.  I don’t want you to lose your health insurance.  I don’t want you to contract COVID-19 and needlessly die.  I don’t want your house to be swept away in a flood.  I don’t want to see you out of work for two years because of how mishandled this pandemic was.    A vote for Trump is shooting YOURSELF in the foot. 


As for the Trumpster fire that charaded as a debate: What a vile display of bullying, malicious claims, lies, and hate from the despicable president of the United States.   God bless “Sleepy” Joe for remaining composed, presidential, empathetic, sane, and not taking the bait.   Trump’s strategy of steamrolling the debate just highlighted for all to see how incompetent he is to lead and how utterly clueless he is on any matter or policy.   He’s a fucking monster.  


And as for the “moderator,” his father Mike is rolling over in his grave. 


Trump not denouncing the white supremacists is all you need to know. 


I hope the next two debates are canceled.  I won’t be watching.  I imagine most of the country won’t either.    There’s nothing to learn from them. 


This was exhausting.   Excedrin Headache 1-1000.  


COVID is real.  Global Warming is real.  Science is real.  Facts are not opinions.  There are NO good white supremacists.  Tax fraud is a felony. 


Vote for Biden.  Let’s get this fucking guy OUT already.  


I guess I should try to say one humorous thing.  It won't be easy under the circumstances.  Okay.  Trump will be the first former president to have his presidential library in San Quentin. 

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