Wednesday, September 30, 2020

EP194: The First Night of CHEERS

September 30th marked the 38th anniversary of the debut of CHEERS.  Join Ken for the first night party and more inside scuttlebutt on the show that is now iconic but finished last in the ratings the night it premiered. 

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VincentS said...

Why would you skip the Norman entrances, Ken?

blinky said...

Thanks for your debate post yesterday. I ended up copying and pasting parts of it all over the place. Good work!

No said...

Why would you skip the Norman entrances, Ken?

Norm: The only entrance I want to make is into that beer mug.

Barefoot Billy Aloha said...


Mike Bloodworth said...

38 YEARS?! I am SO old.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cheers! I actually turned 38 a few weeks ago myself, which I guess makes me...young?(Umm, I suddenly feel very self-conscious ...). Anyway, I dare say it was probably conceived long before I was, but I still beat it to air!

Kendall Rivers said...

Great Podcast! I've been a big Cheers fan for many years and always happy to get more behind the scenes details of that show.

FQ: Last year when Dave Chappelle's Sticks and Stones came out around this time I asked you about all the controversy and if we'll ever get to a place where comedy can be comedy again. Well, I'm proud to announce that Dave had won 3 emmys for the special which surprised me but in a good way. Maybe there is hope?

Saburo said...

I remember our family watched the series premiere. For some reason my dear mom said after the closing credits ended: That show won't make it.

I guess we were an NBC family cause we continued to watch CHEERS...

Anonymous said...

Too bad you presumably didn’t get to meet
Dave Chasen, Joe Cook’s Broadway/Film partner
(July 18, 1898) Odessa, Russian Empire
(July 16, 1973) Los Angeles, California
Rain or Shine (1930)
Millions in the Air (1935)
and Arizona Mahoney (1936).

Cap'n Bob said...

Off topic but a Friday question: When you were on radio as Beaver Cleaver did you get any flack from the Leave It to Beaver rights holders or their lawyers?