Saturday, September 26, 2020

Weekend Post

 Theatre Three in Port Jefferson, NY recently did a Zoom reading of one of my ten-minute plays (updated to become a Zoom play), and it came out pretty well.  So I thought I'd share.  Enjoy. 


jenmoon said...

Awww. That was very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a really fun post Mr. Levine. Enjoyed that. Very cool indeed.
This what script community is about. Fun and educational. Both.
Better than Done Deal.
Which just asked me leave.
I wanted to post some fun script interviews from leading directors in Australia.
And Will at done deal asked me to leave. Boo Woo.
Hope to read more fun posts here.
Why other script places are too boring.

Powerhouse Salter said...

Thank you for sharing. My one unsolicited suggestion is perhaps changing the daughter's two-word dismissal of Brian Wilson from "certifiably crazy" to something inadvertently suggestive of his great quarantine song "In My Room." Cowabunga!

Charles Bryan said...

That was a delight! Thank you for sharing it (and writing it)(and rewriting it).

sanford said...

I thought this was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune today. I wonder if you have any thoughts.

Roy DeRousse said...

I love it! The actors did a great job with a fun script. It works really well as a Zoom Play.

Peter said...

It sounds very like Neil Simon. I know he was a big influence on you.