Wednesday, November 03, 2021

EP249: Writer/Producer Clyde Phillips

The man has done it all — from game shows, to movies, dramas, and comedies. Discover the fascinating career of writer, Clyde Phillips along with some great advice on how to break into the business.

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Tom Galloway said...

Good to hear Mr. Phillips. I had the pleasure of getting to spend a day on the set of Parker Lewis, including sitting in on a writers' meeting courtesy of him. Everyone was very nice, and my only regret, particularly in retrospect, was that that episode's guest star, Phil Hartman, always looked too occupied with things for me to feel comfortable approaching him.

Kinda interesting how that came about. It was because I was a member of the Flamingo-Digest email list about the show (its high school teams were the Santo Domingo Flamingos). Keep in mind that Parker first aired in 1990; before AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, etc. connected to the Internet. I believe Parker Lewis was the first tv show to connect with Internet fans. Not sure just how it started, but as I recall copies of the Digest were regularly printed out and distributed among the show's production and writing folk. Various members of the list had their names used as background characters, such as three of Parker's ex-girlfriends, got to visit the set, and in a promotion with Entertainment Tonight got to both visit the set and be extras in a few scenes.

ScarletNumber said...

If anyone remembers the tag at the end of <a href="> Parker Lewis</a>, when Jerry plaintively asks Mr. Phillips for help getting out of the locker, this is the Mr. Phillips being referred to.