Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Happy Birthday Matt Levine

A great son, husband, and father himself. 

I have many great Matt stories over the year, but this one pretty much tells you who he is.

He was in kindergarten I believe (maybe the 1st grade), and his school was having a fundraising auction.  Tickets were a dollar. 

I brought him down to the set of CHEERS to hawk his tickets.   Those people had money. 

He goes up to Kirstie Alley and says, “Hi, would you like to buy a raffle ticket for the Warner Ave School fair?  Tickets are a dollar and the prize is a brand new television set.” 

Kirstie says, “sure” and hands him a twenty.  He’s a little flustered.  He tells her he hasn’t sold enough to have $19 change.  She says, that’s okay.  Keep the twenty.  To which Matt says, “Yeah, but you might not win.” 

Is this a good kid or what?

Happy Birthday, Matt.  I love you and sorry about your Red Sox this year.   


russell walks said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!
Ken: I use the phrase " really gripes my diffy" when I can't say something a little more profane. It's M*A*S*H* related, for sure, and sounds like Henry, although Frank might be a possibility, too. If it's Henry, I know it's before your time, but I thought maybe my fellow readers might chime in with a character and an episode title.
Google didn't help me at all, and man, that really gripes my diffy.

VincentS said...

Happy birthday, Matt.

Brian Phillips said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Donald said...

That's a great story. Kids that age often have a highly tuned sense of fair play and taking $20 for a $1 item violates that sense.

tb said...

Happy BIrthday Matt!

Mike Bloodworth said...

Happy Boit day. I've met your daughter, but I've never met Matt.

I ask this question every time you post about him.
Is Matt a writer like you? Or does he have a real job? (Rim shot) (Winking emoji)


maxdebryn said...

Many harpo returns of the day, Matt !

Janet said...

Happy birthday, Matt!