Friday, January 06, 2012

I'm on KFI 640

Or at least I was in 1984.  Taking time out from writing on CHEERS during the week to do a weekend shift playing adult-contemporary hits on KFI, Los Angeles.  (This was before they got smart and a) shifted to a talk format, and b) fired me).

Anyway, GREAT BIG RADIO, for their Friday night feature of replaying old radio shows, is featuring an hour or so of me on KFI starting at 11 EST/8 PST and then a repeat at 2AM EST/11 PST.   I was a little more reserved than back in my "Beaver Cleaver" insane Top 40 days and even used my real name.  As you'll notice I catered to a very upscale sophisticated audience -- which is why one of my sponsors is Chuck E. Cheese.

You can hear it here.  You're welcome to call in with requests but the show's 25 years old so I might not get to it.   Happy listening.    


Craig L. said...

Oh, my, 1984 Adult Contemporary radio... it was everything Orwell warned us about... I had almost wiped the existence of Mac MacAnally from my memory... and the commercials... PSA airlines, Porcellana (left over from the days when KFI was targeting the codger demographic), so much pizza, and promos for the Dr. Ruth Westheimer Show between Air Supply and Christopher Cross records (those acts did so much to emasculate America, we really needed Dr. Ruth). The KFI Traffic Button (if it was so into traffic reporting, why didn't I hear any reports during that hour?) Your old Top 40 buddy M.G. (MACHINE GUUUUUUUUN) Kelly doing a countdown show. And preparing for the LA Olympics (which I supported by getting caught blocking an intersection while the $300 anti-gridlock fines were in effect). Good times, he lied. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for providing that un-telescoped aircheck. Because reliving a full hour of that year in real time was not my finest hour so far this year...

Mark Edwards said...

Can you play "Free Bird"?