Saturday, July 22, 2006


This is another blog experiment. Let’s see if it works. July 31st is the trading deadline in Major League Baseball. Rumors are swirling. Many are unfounded. Some have emanated from the internet and blogs. So let me add one just for fun and see if it spreads.

Here’s the trade: From a very “reliable” source (me).

The Astros will trade Roger Clemens to the Red Sox for Manny Ramirez (wth Boston assuming most of Manny’s salary).

Pass it on. Copy and paste. Get ye to a chat room. My goal is to see this on ESPN by Wednesday night.


Mary Stella said...

You're bad. That's too funny.

Okay, did my part in a sports chat room. It wouldn't help for me to post it on my blog since my readers know I'm a Philly fan. LOL

Mike Barer said...

Adrian Beltre could be packing his bags.

Anonymous said...

does your son know about this "rumor?"

Jenius said...

I think a three-way makes more sense to the parties involved. Manny to Detroit, Verlander to Houston, Clemens to Boston.

Anonymous said...

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