Saturday, July 15, 2006

How I'm spending my summer far

Week one of rehearsal for the 60’s PROJECT is over. Here’s more info on the show from (Sorry I don't know how to hyperlink.)

This first week the principles learned their songs. It’s amazing. Most of these kids are Broadway veterans already and they can all sing, dance, read music, and I’m sure when we get up to Connecticut – drink and party.

Meanwhile, my co-writer, Ms. Brenner and I did one last polish of the script before the whole company converges on Monday. After all these months, I can’t wait to actually see and hear it on its feet. But I think the script is ready – and by that I mean “there’s nothing in there that we can’t fix.”

More than any project I’ve ever worked on, a musical is the ultimate collaborative effort. The music, choreography, script, direction, performances, design, visual effects, sound all has to come together. And more than that, the theater’s air conditioning needs to work. I’m sure the next three weeks of rehearsal will be hectic and hopefully not live up to the great Larry Gelbart line – “if Hitler’s still alive I hope he’s out of town with a musical.”

Talk to you from East Haddam, Connecticut.

Tomorrow: my review of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN II.


Beth Ciotta said...

I just read the playbill. Sounds like a top notch cast and crew. Love all of the songs mentioned.

My favorite line in this post: “there’s nothing in there that we can’t fix.”

Looking forward to your thoughts on PIRATES. Curious as to if they mirror my own. Have a safe trip to CT.

Denise said...

Oh, Ken. It's such a pleasure to know I'm not the only person in Internet-land who had to have help with hyperlinks. First you type , then name, then .

Hope this helps. I do love your blog. I read it every day, whether you write anything or not.

Denise said...

ACK! That didn't work. I'll try to e-mail the directions.