Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's on my desk?

A question for writers that has been circulating the blogosphere recently is “what’s on your desk?” Since I’m in Connecticut I will have to answer by memory.

My iMac desktop computer (the half egg shell model with the monitor on a Pixar type neck, that was so cool until the new model and now it’s passé).

Mouse on a UCLA mouse pad.

External Hard Drive (back up EVERYTHING, people).


Froggy Gremlin childhood toy.

Bob Hope in Dodger uniform bobblehead. (which makes as much sense as Odalis Perez in a Dodger uniform.)

Cup o’ pens.

Fathers Day cards.

Family photos.

A Gary Larson FAR SIDE card showing the BEWITCHED writing staff brainstorming in the fourth season. Brilliant notions like: “What if Endora casts a spell on Darren?”

Allstate accident report I was supposed to fill out in 2003.

Plastic Bob’s Big Boy (I’m a Bob’s Big Boy fanatic and can never figure out why that checkered jumpsuit look didn’t catch on.)

Five old drafts of my musical, with practically every page dog eared.

XM radio program guide.

A hard bound copy of GREAT PRETENDERS: MY STRANGE LOVE AFFAIR WITH ‘50’s POP MUSIC by Karen Schoemer. (Fun reading. I recommend it.)

My SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 2006 swimsuit model desk calendar. I can’t wait for another Michelle Alves week.

A spec pilot from my rabbi.

A spindle of CD’s that includes albums from Frank Zappa and Joanie Sommers.

Dodger Stadium and Pauley Pavilion replica paperweights.

Lucite encased picture of me with AfterMASH writing staff (that includes Larry Gelbart).

Vintage typewriter from 1890 with the carriage return arm on the right side. Still easier to write on than using FINAL DRAFT.

93/KHJ Boss Radio mike flag.

Box of brads and paper clips.

My bobblehead collection which includes Harry Caray, Speedy Alka-Seltzer, and Jesus Christ.

Emmy consideration Linda Eder interviews horse lovers ANIMAL PLANET DVD.

And -- Oh God – I think there’s still a sandwich.


Julie O'Hora said...

That the same rabbi who snaked Woody Allen's vodka ad?

Anonymous said...

My wife is also a Big Boy fan. She has a Big Boy bank and is waiting for me to make some money so she can buy the (6 ft tall) Big Boy sign/statue that a store nearby has.

Mary Stella said...

Ken, do you have to pay a separate property tax on your desk? From the amount of stuff it holds, it's the size of Rhode Island. *g*

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, you're a baseball guy, a Mariner guy and you're in Conn. right now-- What's the story on Harold Reynolds getting the ziggy from the EastCoast Sports Programming Network?

And put those CD's in cases. Amazing how scratched and unusable they get :)

Anonymous said...

I guess inquiring minds want to know if it had anything to do with HR kissing Rhea Perlman? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

Need more about the spec. from the Rabbi! Comedy, Action, Romance, Suspense, Sabbath?

What's up?

Anonymous said...

"Emmy consideration Linda Eder interviews horse lovers ANIMAL PLANET DVD."
Half an hour after reading that line I was still breaking out in random, out loud, chuckles. It's an even better joke than the rabbi spec script because I really believe you have that DVD. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about that sandwich... I think after it sat there for a couple days, I saw it walking under my window of its own power. It's been so hot here that by the time it reached me, it was a panini.

VP81955 said...

Some interesting news, Ken. Odalis Perez has now exchanged Dodger blue for Royal blue, going to Kansas City (along with two prospects) in a deal that sends Elmer Dessens to Los Angeles. (A pitcher named Elmer in L.A. I can hardly wait.)