Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exotic women

Here's more of my "growing up in the 60s" life.

The Fall of 1964 was somewhat of a blur. A few girls returned to school with new noses, having cashed in their bat mitzvah Israeli saving bonds.

I reluctantly accepted an invitation to Parkman’s honor society, “the Vanguards” thereby cementing my status as the un-hippest kid in school.

Two American destroyers engaged three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. There was a question about it on our weekly quiz. I got it wrong. It didn’t seem important at the time. All it really was was just the start of the Viet Nam War.

I was marking time. Only one more semester until high school and full adulthood.

My taste in women was beginning to change I noticed. I developed a preference for the more exotic type. My crush du jour was Jackie Sharp – the perfect blend of Marcia Brady and a biker chick. Alas, she had a boyfriend… who was in high school! That was the infuriating trend. All the foxy seniors (foxy was the big word back then so I used it to death) in junior high went out with high schoolers and all the foxy seniors in high school only dated college guys.

It’s like you could never date a girl in your own grade. Women always seemed to go for the older guys. They went out with high school boys because they had cars, and then in later years they went out with guys as old as their fathers because they bought them cars.


Anonymous said...

Who's the Shlep with the Bims???

Anonymous said...

NICE Corvette...

Anonymous said...

1964 was just like today. Hef was going out with 22 year olds.

the 60's Corvette was like today's Playmate in shaped plastic