Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I loved lloyd Thaxton

I mentioned the passing of Lloyd Thaxton a few weeks ago. Here is a sample of his work.


Unknown said...

Wow... awesome.

I wish I would've grown up with such a great show on TV

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Sebastian. I'm in awe.

Plus, I applaud him for standing up to Bigots.

Mr. Thaxton: You were a Gentleman & a Scholar. And, sadly, there are always damn few of you around.

Anonymous said...

Excellent montage. Thank you for posting it.

TheDennisMorganShow said...

He was the epitome of a multi-talented genius.

Lloyd Thaxton...(all together now)


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for this posting. I always learn about something new when I read your blog.
By the way, this is off-topic but you mentioned downpage that you didn't know what Corner Gas was -- here is the link:
Its an hilarious Canadian TV show about life in small town Saskatchewan, starring comedian Brent Butt, who developed the show based on the small town he comes from. It has now been sold to one of the American networks I think, and has also been picked up in Australia.
Small towns are about the same everywhere, I guess

The Minstrel Boy said...

Lloyd was an essential part of our lives. He was cool. He knew where the surf was hitting.

(my post code is parties that is very appropriate)

estiv said...

I recently watched The Patsy for the first time, and Lloyd Thaxton made a brief appearance as himself. The director for some reason did not give him any chance to be particularly funny. (Sarcastic? Who, me?)

And to follow up on the comment from CathiefromCanada -- Corner Gas is showing on WGN, which means it is available on most US cable services.

Geno said...

Love Lloyd, and miss him terribly. He and I had become email pals during his last few years on this plane. What a great spirit!