Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The perfect gift!

Sure Halloween is coming. But it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping. However, finding that perfect gift for that special someone -- that can be a chore. It must be personal, impressive, and something that conveys your true feelings of love for them.

Might I make a suggestion?

Here in Los Angeles, where good taste and subtlety reigns supreme, the L.A. County Coroner’s office has a gift shop. It’s a natural! Who ever visits the L.A. County Coroner’s office and doesn’t want a souvenir? So you can stop by Skeletons in the Closet and browse through their amazing selection.

And the news gets even better. They have a website. You can order on line!

You thought I was just making this up, didn’t ya?

Some gifts you might want to consider (all from their “Earthly Remains" Collection):

Toe Tag Keychains

Chalk Outline Welcome Mats

Body Bags

Foot Keychains

Coroner BBQ Aprons

Body Shaped Post Its

Miniature Skulls

“Stay Cool” Magnets (get it?)

Coroner Briefcases

Parts Cutting Mats (not sure what that is but I want one)

And of course: DEATH IN PARADISE: An illustrated history of the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office. Now in paperback!

Nothing says you care like Foot Keychains. There is no greater expression of love than Coroner BBQ Aprons. So make this a Christmas she’ll remember. Trust me, every time she sees a dead body she’ll think of you.


Anonymous said...

The coroner's office gives a Halloween tour too.

It's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I understand they are going to open a formalwear shop too. Calling it "Death and Tuxes"

Anonymous said...

Makes sense...being that was the home of Dr. Thomas Noguchi, "Coroner of the Stars"...and of course long before CSI, there was "Quincy, M.E."

Anonymous said...

I've got an LA Coroner sweatshirt from the OJ era. They've been doing this stuff for a long time.

Mary Stella said...

Along with the bus tours of Stars' homes, doesn't L.A. have a tour of famous places where celebs have died?

Hmm. My word verification is dicesse -- which is not that far off in spelling from decease.


Emily Blake said...

That's pretty doggone awesome. Joke all you want, I have some friends who are impossible to shop for and this will make them happy.

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to know how they acquire the miniature skulls. Or why they need barbecue aprons. Or if there's any connection.

olucy said...

::heading over to order the welcome mat::

Anonymous said...

"Mary Stella said...
Along with the bus tours of Stars' homes, doesn't L.A. have a tour of famous places where celebs have died?"

We do indeed. Also you can tour Final Resting Places of the Stars. Oliver Hardy is buried not far from where I live, and I think of him as a neighbor

For a while, about 25 years ago, I lived next door to Hollywood Memorial Cemetary, whose southern wall is the northern wall of Paramount Studios. I loved to stroll about it, noting the pompous spectacle of the huge Cecil B. DeMille tomb, the more modest last resting place for Douglas Fairbanks Sr., and sitting for a while on Tyrone Power, whose gave marker is a marble bench.

After all, the stars are Screen Immortals!

Anonymous said...

I have tried on several occasions to order the chalk outline beach towel. It is always out of stock!

Yeah, think it was about 10 years ago I first heard they had these "Gift Items." They do make the perfect holiday gift, don't they?

David J. Loehr said...

No, I didn't think you were joking. I knew about it long ago--my wife and I started dating when she was interning at the morgue in NYC and the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, and I was doing research for a spec script for "Homicide." So I wound up sitting in on some classes, going to a wonderful forensics convention in Philly, learned all about the LA Coroner's gift shop.

Now, twelve years on, she's a college librarian and I never did get on the "Homicide" staff. (And yes, she's got the Tina Fey glasses going on.)

olucy said...

OK, so I didn't order anything, but I did visit the website, because I couldn't help wonder: what do they do with the money?

Turns out they fund an anti-drunk-driving program, which is swell.

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