Friday, April 24, 2009

Brazil Court Frees Enviro-Nun's Suspected Killer

More great HuffingtonPost headlines. This from their Green section Friday:

22 Things You Didn't Know You Could Compost

Owl Living In Home Depot Garden Center Can't Be Removed

Kangaroos Don't Know How To Use Snuggies

Oprah Shines Light On Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Intelligent Robo-Penguins Take To Seas, Skies

Miss Philippines Contestants Driven Around In Electric Vehicle Convoy

Brazil Court Frees Enviro-Nun's Suspected Killer

Earth Night: 5 Ways To Green Up Your Sex Life

The Best Earth Day Jokes Of The Decade

Bronx Zoo lays off animals

"Dioxins My A**" Hat Mocks Contaminated Fish Advisory

Pigs Escape In Crash En Route To Bacon Factory

Mad Scientists Freeze Their Boat To Arctic Ice


Mac said...

Ummm. Ooookay. But why isn't the Annie Hall item showing up here? I can see it in my blog reader.

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post? Only Lefties read that crap.

emily said...

5 Ways To Green Up Your Sex Life?

Yuck...No, thank you.

Marcel said...

I work for the company that developed the robot penguins in Germany. Reading about them on your blog now, even if it was just the headline, is quite bizarre. How small the world can get on the Internet...

Anonymous said...

Only fuckwits post anonymously.

A. Buck Short said...

EXTRA! EXTRA!I realize by Ken Levine has insurmountable weekend deadline pressures, so let’s just add this from this morning's Huffpost green section, for which you so graciously provided the link:
[Al] Gore’s Famous Sigh Returns.

Or this morning’s ROB (run of blog) header:
Marc Torchi, Man Accused Of South Carolina Wildfire, Says Not His Fault.
(Mayhaps the most unfortunately-named subject of a disaster coverage story since: Army Corp of Engineers’ Elmer Fludd says not responsible for Katrina Levee Failure.)

But for sheer video enjoyment, also from this morning’s Huffpost:
Naked Wizard Taser Brawl at Coachella
(Arguably the best viral taser video since the classic Don’t Tase Me Bro. “The whole world is watching” chant toward the end seems eerily emblematic of our times.

The only thing I ever mailed Jay Leno was the Dallas Morning News headline:
Meyerson Symphony Dedicates Huge Lay Organ, about the colossal musical instrument provided by the estate of Herman W. and Amelia H. Lay (of Dallas' the Frito-Lay Corporation). I dared Mr. Leno to use it in "Headline News" and risk the loss of his then lucrative Doritos personal endorsement account. Never saw air.

Incidentally, perhaps sensitive to the entendre, the Morning News began adding obfuscational modifiers to future reportage, witness:
Dallas Symphony Orchestra concerts will prominently feature Lay Family Organ.”
And even later, “Lay family concert organ,” because one can never place too many words between himself and innuendo.

Mike Bell said...

"Headless corpse in topless bar...leaves small carbon footprint."

jbryant said...

I can think of only one way to "green up" your sex life. Cucumbers.

But as emily said, "No, thank you."

Anonymous said...

"22 Things You Didn't Know You Could Compost"

another MASH post?