Saturday, April 25, 2009

DIFFERENT STROKES -- the urban thriller

Just how important is music in establishing a mood and tone for a scene or show? Here's all you have to see. And hear.


A. Buck Short said...

So the stroke in question is fondling?

Actually, I believe you may have cheated. Isn’t this the opening to the spinoff, “The Conrad Bane of All Existence?” For the UT med. school graduation next month, each new physician gets to choose his/her own theme music to be played off the stage after accepting the degree. Our daughter has settled on The Volga Boatman. Damn! I wanted that ringtone!

Is it possible the music foreshadows the dark turn in Todd Bridges’ life? I am referring of course to his guest appearance on “Hello Larry.” Or to Gary Coleman’s eventual triumph in outpolling both Gallagher and Mary Carey in the California gubernatorial primary?

Great concept. Keep going with it.

Mike Bell said...

Y'know...there always something just a little creepy about Conrad Bain.

bruce miller said...

I don't need my producer, director and co-star........I humbly accept this award!

shpankboy said...

So if a rich guy pulled up to a playground and invited two teenagers up to his fancy east side apartment in 2009 would the show be called Law and Order SVU?

Dudleys Mom said...


You're pretty funny, have you ever considered writing comedy?

Christina said...

Okay, it worked for Different Strokes. I dare you to try that with the Jeffersons!!