Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another of our lost episodes

This is a real "Show 'n Tell" weekend.  But these episodes I want to show you are starting to stack up.

So here's another episode of ALMOST PERFECT.  This is one of my most requested, and if you look real closely there's a brief homage to Dave Niehaus, the Mariners' announcer who sadly just passed away. 

Kim (Nancy Travis) gets to direct her first episode of the TV cop show she runs and she allows her boyfriend, Mike (Kevin Kilner) to be an extra.  Hilarity hopefully ensues.  This episode was written by George McGrath and directed by Jeff Melman.  As before, on Monday Comedy Writing 101 will be in session and I will break down the episode and discuss our thought process.  

A quick note:  I still don't know how to edit so fast forward through the first 30 seconds. 


droszel said...

5 minutes in, I left the room. Maybe it got better as it went along?

Mac said...

droszel - that's 4 minutes and 40 seconds longer than I lasted on your web page. Maybe it gets better the longer you look at it?
Ken - Enjoyed the show, looking forward to hearing the thought process behind it.

Gary said...

Niehaus and Kevin Cremins, a daily double. An anemic start, yes, but once the preface was set, things got better. It also made me want to smoke. Think this series would've made it if Terry Farrell was the star? Love the theme song.

Brian said...

I love the line "Nobody directs the fat man". My version would have been "Nobody puts the fat man in a corner".

Mr S said...

So thats where Jessica Alba got the idea that actors just make up their lines.

Roger Owen Green said...

I enjoyed it, even the early stuff. But maybe it's because I keep seeing David Clennon as the uptight Miles from thirtysomething.
The shoot itself was funny.