Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tragedy at the Playboy Mansion and what cartoon they're showing

So I saw this news story from the LA DAILY NEWS and immediately went to Hugh Hefner’s Twitter account to see if he Tweets about it. As you know, he really keeps us informed. Here is the article and the resulting Tweets. This should clear up any confusion about the case. Thanks, Hugh.


LOS ANGELES — A man was found dead today at the Playboy Mansion.

It was unclear exactly where on the property the body was located, said Officer Cleon Joseph of the Los Angeles Police Department.

"We don't really know much at this point," Joseph said. "As of now it is a coroner's case."

The Coroner's Office picked up the body, but the cause of death, the man's name or why he was at the mansion have not been determined.

# @Katayaxx Our love to Katie from the Mansion. about 1 hour ago

@chrystianti The Saturday night cartoon is Bugs Bunny in "Baby Buggy Bugs."

@3POINTGROTTO After my death, my autobiographical scrapbooks will be shared by Playboy & the Playboy Foundation.

@happyRAFproject Happy birthday, Rafael.

Don't miss the start of the new season of "Kendra" on E! Sunday night. And don't miss Kendra in a hot December issue, about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific

@aphrodite092 Happy birthday, Jay!

The Saturday night Mansion movie is Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway in the cool caper film "The Thomas Crown Affair."

While I'm editing cartoons & working on my scrapbook, Marston is playing tennis with Keith, Ray Anthony &Berry Gordy


Mark B. Spiegel said...

Maybe the guy they found was Hef, and someone else is doing the Tweets just to keep the party going...

Let's call it...

"Weekend at Bunny's"

Mark B. Spiegel said...
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ajm said...

Ah, yes, Baby Buggy Bunny featuring "Babyface Finster." Bugs at his most exquisitely sarcastic.

barnez28 said...

If the guy was Hef, which it probably wasn't, which playboy girl will get all his money and his mansion?

Grubber said...

Dying at the Playboy Mansion?

At least he went happy.

Maybe that happy ending wasn't so happy after all?

At least they're all still happy at the Mansion.

proble: bunny language for either probably or professional baseball.

ttv said...

But still he feel sad when he knew he's dead after death...

What's R.I.P., Doc? said...

"Baby Buggy Bunny" is about a gangster who tries to make himself seem 40 years younger. An appropriate choice for Mr. Hefner.

escalante blogger said...

It's the halloween!

Anonymous said...

Long live Hef.
A top 50 icon in the past century.