Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A couple of things I'm up to...

On Saturday night the California State Parks Foundation is staging a salute to MASH at Paramount Pictures. A couple episodes will be screened followed by a panel discussion. I’ll be participating in the panel along with producers Gene Reynolds and Burt Metcalfe, director Charles Dubin, and Father Mulcahy himself – William Christopher.

For information you can go here.

I’m also planning to do another free teleseminar about TV sitcom writing. No date yet but the last one was well received and a lot of new readers have found this blog in the past year so what the hell?

Here’s how it’ll work, I begin collecting your questions and eventually narrow them down, pick a date, and let you know when and how to sign up. Again, this is free and I have nothing really to plug.

Here’s where you go to ask your question.


Unknown said...

Well, poop.

I move away from California and first, Jerry Brown is elected governor, and now Ken is going to be at the MASH event.

I miss all the good stuff!

Michael said...

I've got a Friday question:

It's common to hear about network interference, but do you have any examples where network suggestions or notes actually improved a series or particular episode?

Dan Serafini said...

Jocularity! Jocularity!