Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt

You're a great kid and I love you.  Hopefully this year all of your sports teams won't lose.  



Mr. Hollywood said...

Ken, lovely to see the pride you have in your son! And, by the way ... he's a spitting image of his old man!!

Tom Quigley said...


Good way to save on the cost of a stamp... Didn't even think about the fact when I started my own blog that I could use it as an online greeting card service...

But, seriously -- Happy Birthday, Matt! -- Your dad's a great guy!


Mac said...

Happy Birthday, Matt.
You know you're between Sally Field and William Shatner? There's a rude gag in there somewhere, but I'll rise above it.
Have a nice birthday.

Jeffrey Leonard said...

Matt...I don't even know you but Happy Birthday anyway. (Actually I feel like I know your whole family). You are a lucky guy to have such a cool dad!