Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best of American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL is back.  I'm dealing with a little medical issue the next couple of days so might not get around to reviewing the first week for a few days.  Don't worry.  I'm fine.

Update:  Seriously.  I am.  Didn't mean to alarm anybody.  Thanks to all for your well wishes.  But I'm good to go.   And judging by what I've seen, I am in waaaay better health than Steven Tyler.

But because of this, today's post might be a little bit of a cheat.  I've been reviewing AMERICAN IDOL for years, although last year I lost interest.  But to get you in the mood for another season of bad Elton John covers, and for the many new readers who have hopped aboard, here are some of my "Best of" AMERICAN IDOL reviews.

AMERICAN IDOL goes country.

AMERICAN IDOL plays the big charity card.

Mariah Carey night.

The Night I was on AMERICAN IDOL. 

Hot chicks on Nyquil 

Disco night.

God knows what the show is going to be like this season.  New judges, some format modifications, and if those don't work -- look for Bristol Palin to wind up in the top 3.


Toni Wilson said...

You probably get requests like this all the time, but I would like to send you an email asking for some advice. Is there a good way to contact you? I would appreciate the chance to pick your brain. I promise I'll give it back in one piece. I have appreciated and enjoyed your blog since I discovered it late last year, and I think you are the perfect person to ask questions about getting into television writing. If you look at my blog and see the first two posts in January, you will get an idea of what I want to ask you about.
Write on!


Ron said...

A medical issue is a medical issue, not to be shrugged off. Glad you are seeing the doc; take care of yourself.

Charles H. Bryan said...

Hope all is well and that all will be well with you, Ken.

As far as AI goes, I'll watch a little tonight, but Modern Family gets custody of my eyes at 9 PM.

Janet T said...

Every time I see Steven Tyler, I'm so glad we did not get the big scren HD TV- I'm content to listen to him sing

Be well Ken!

Mac said...

We can handle a repost - on the BBC they never show repeats, they bring you "another chance to see. . . " So don't call them reposts, call them "another chance to read. . ."
Hope your medical issue is resolved quick and easy. Best blog on the net.

Phillip B said...

You watch Idol, meaning I don't have to. Appreciate this arrangement and look forward to your return.

gwangung said...

So I hear you're on the announcing round robin for the the issue can't be that bad....

May you announce for a better team than last year's......

Tim W. said...

Who's the old woman on the right?

And Ken, good luck with your "medical issue". I assume that means you'll be joining Lindsey Lohan in rehab (is she still there? I don't follow celebrity news). It doesn't surprise me at all. If I have to see one more upskirt photo of you getting out of a car without underwear while high on ecstasy, I'm going to, well, just don't make me do that.

Paul in Kirkland said...

Hey Ken,

Just read you're going to be helping out on Seattle Mariner radio broadcasts again. While the conditions of you coming back here are sad, I'm really happy you're coming back. I'm old enough to remember you here originally, and loved your work.


Paul in Kirkland.

Tim said...

Love hearing you are going to do M's games, Hate that we will not hear Dave sing the Wabash Cannonball. Good luck, and looking forward to spring!

Anonymous said...

One of the other Palin kids would have a better chance, with names like Willow Track and Trig.

Is Jennifer Lopez turning into Diane Lane?

Emmett Flatus said...

Whoever that guy is on the right in the picture has got to be the ugliest male on this planet.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Tyler surprised me. He was a great pick. He has energy, humor, intelligence and musical knowledge. He brings life to the judging panel and will take over the leadership role just because he’s a natural. Randy looks great with his weight loss and well, Randy is Randy. He won’t provide leadership, but he might step up his energy because of the new dynamics. Lopez is okay. She brings star power which seems to excite the contestants, but her input is just so-so. All in all, it’s refreshing and I don’t miss Simon. At this point in our country, we don’t need more mean spiritness. Good job A.I.