Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bad teenage advice

Hello from the Sitcom Room. Great students. Great scenes. The All-Star writing panel follows at 3. Reports later in the week from those who survived the experience.

My Sitcom Room partner, Dan O'Day recently went on a video rant calling out a '60s artist whose hits espoused maybe the worst romantic advice any young man could receive.  This is why Dan has been in therapy twice a day for forty years. 


Paul Duca said...

I'm not quite sure Lyle Lovett has all the answers to romance...otherwise he'd still be Mr. Julia Roberts.

scottmc said...

As good a 14 minute 39 seconds as I've seen/heard in a while. I too walked down the Booby Vee road.
I noticed that two of the songs were written by Goffin and King.

benson said...

Cute. And afterwards YouTube suggested a mini documentary about Bobby Vee that was pretty cool too.

Kirk said...

Love that deadly serious tone that Dan O'Day uses.

Self-masochistic lyrics or not, I think I prefer the Bobby Vee songs simply for that great early-60s pre-British Invasion sound. Lyle Lovett may have a more healthy attitude toward romance, but he doesn't have Carole Kings melodies.

Mike McCann said...

What a brilliant piece of investigative journalism. One thing: Dan left out one chapter of the "woe is me, Bobby Vee" song cycle: "Please Don't Ask About Barbara," whose title got it banned from AMERICAN BANDSTAND despite being in the Top 20.

Bobby had the bad fortune -- or maybe it was karma being returned -- of cutting a single with the name of the woman from whom Dick Clark was in the process of a divorce.