Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's Thanksgiving Marathons

It used to be that Thanksgiving was the day of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE HONEYMOONERS marathons. Now practically every channel has their own marathon scheduled for today. Here’s a list (along with a few comments from yours truly). And this doesn’t include local station marathons or tomorrow's marathons (of which there are many). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

AMC (11:30am - 4:30am): THE GODFATHER Movie Marathon. Have a traditional horse head for Thanksgiving!

Animal Planet (9am - 5pm): HILLBILLY HANDFISHIN' Marathon. Do you even have to read any further????

Animal Planet (5pm - 6am): TANKED Marathon

BBC America (8am - 5am): STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION Marathon

BET (8am - 5pm): MY WIFE AND KIDS Marathon. Really?

BET (5pm - Midnight): REED BETWEEN THE LINES Marathon

Bravo (6am - Noon): TOP CHEF Marathon. That should make you hungry.

Bravo (Noon - 6pm): THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Marathon. Be thankful you’re not them.

Cartoon Network (9am - 7pm): TOM & JERRY Marathon. Celebrate the holidays with the most violent cartoons ever.

Centric (8:30am - 6am): THE WAYANS BROS. Marathon. There’s a network called Centric?

Chiller (6am - 4pm): BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Marathon.

Cloo (6am - 6am): Cloo Thanksgiving + Weekend Western Movie Marathon. Indians don’t take enough abuse today.

Cooking Channel (2 - 8pm): NADIA G'S BITCHIN' KITCHEN Marathon. A tradition since 2011.

Discovery (9am - 8pm): AMERICAN GUNS Marathon. Gather the whole family.

Discovery Fit & Health (11am - 2am): Pregnant Marathon. For those who are stuffed.

DIY (7am - 4am): COOL TOOLS Marathon

Food Network (6 - 10pm): CHOPPED Marathon

fuse (6am - 6am): BEEF Marathon. Someone should have a “chopped beef” marathon.

FX (Noon - Midnight): Animated Movie Marathon

GMC (Noon - 11pm): THE WALTONS Marathon. Goodnight, John Boy.

GSN (8am - Midnight): DEAL OR NO DEAL Marathon. No deal for me.

HGTV (7am - 1pm; 3 - 8pm): PROPERTY BROTHERS Marathon

H2 (8am - 8pm): HOW THE STATES GOT THEIR SHAPES Marathon. You might want to eat your dinner in from of the TV so you don’t miss South Dakota.

History (8am - 8pm): IRT DEADLIEST ROADS Marathon. Another family favorite.

The Hub (7pm - Midnight; 1 - 6am): ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER? Marathon. I’m not making this shit up.

ID (7 - 10am; 2pm - 2am): DEADLY WOMEN Marathon

IFC (6am - 6am): ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Marathon. Alright!!!

Lifetime (Noon - 4am): Christmas Movie Marathon

Military (10am - 3am): WORLD WAR II IN COLOR Marathon. Spend the holiday with Hitler.

MTV (9am - 1pm): FRIENDZONE Marathon

MTV2 (11am - 3pm): RUN'S HOUSE Marathon

MTV2 (3pm - 9pm): MARTIN Marathon

Nickelodeon (Noon - 3pm): SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Marathon

Nickelodeon (4 - 7pm): ICARLY Marathon

Nick at Nite (9pm - 5:30am): FRIENDS Marathon

NickToons (Noon - 9:30pm): SPEED RACER - THE NEXT GENERATION Marathon

OWN (5pm - 3am): WELCOME TO SWEETIE PIE'S Marathon. Huh? Has anyone ever even heard of that show?

Oxygen (7am - 7pm): ROSEANNE Marathon. You know I’ll be watching.

Oxygen (7pm - 2am): LAW & ORDER - CRIMINAL INTENT Marathon

Planet Green (4pm - 3am): MALL COPS - MALL OF AMERICA Marathon

ReelzChannel (10:30am - 6pm): Lethal Weapon Movie Marathon. More Jews will be watching the Christmas movie and WORLD WAR II IN COLOR marathons.

Science (6:30 - 10pm): PUNKIN CHUNKIN 2011 Marathon

SOAPnet (5pm - 1am): Walker Family Thanksgiving Marathon: BROTHERS & SISTERS Marathon

style (6am - 3am): SUPERNANNY Marathon

Syfy (8am - 5:30am): James Bond Movie Marathon. 007 of your favorite movies!

TLC (6am - Noon): CAKE BOSS Marathon

TLC (Noon - 8:30pm): CAKE BOSS - THE NEXT GREAT BAKER Marathon

TNT (10am - 8pm): BONES Marathon

TNT (8pm - 2am): CSI: NY Marathon

Travel (9am - Noon; 8pm - 4am): MAN V. FOOD Marathon

Travel (Noon - 8pm): MAN V. FOOD NATION Marathon

truTV (9am - 3pm): BLACK GOLD Marathon

truTV (7 - 11pm; Midnight - 3am): WORLD'S DUMBEST Marathon

TV Guide (3 - 8pm): DESIGNING WOMEN Marathon

TV Land (8am - 7:20pm): THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW Marathon

TV One (6am - 4pm): MARTIN Marathon. Hey! Someone else already has a MARTIN marathon.

TV One (4 - 8:30pm): Michael Jackson Marathon. Does not include the recent trial.

USA (10am - 8pm): NCIS Marathon

USA (2 - 8am): BURN NOTICE Marathon

WE (10am - 1am): BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Marathons. Is this about Toni Braxton? I’m unfamiliar. 

Thanks to   And again... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


VP81955 said...

A TV marathon. For the channel's programmer, it's easier than thinking.

James said...

Where the heck did the twilight zone marathon go?? geez!

Anonymous said...

My Chair: sit on my a** marathon:)
as always thanks Ken!

Dean Minderman said...

Ken, "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" - a show about a St. Louis soul food restaurant owned by Robbie Montgomery, former backup singer for Ike & Tina Turner - apparently has done relatively well for OWN. They've just ordered 10 more episodes to follow up on the eight that were shot earlier this year.

iain said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Watching the parades & noticed that State Farm has co-opted the "Cheers" theme. Also,I'm either hallucinating already or Neil Diamond & Joba Chamberlain appear to be shilling for South Dakota?

Michael said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Levines and others who come here. I think I'll have an avoid-the-TV marathon.

Janet said...

I can't cook a turkey without a James Bond movie on. If they didn't have a marathon I'd have to rent one. Happy Thanksgiving.

SkippyMom said...

Had no idea about the Tom & Jerry marathon. My daughter thanks you. :D

Hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cap'n Bob said...

Did I miss it or did you omit the Partridge Family Marathon? I never heard of a lot of those networks.

VP81955 said...

Ken, "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" - a show about a St. Louis soul food restaurant owned by Robbie Montgomery, former backup singer for Ike & Tina Turner -- apparently has done relatively well for OWN. They've just ordered 10 more episodes to follow up on the eight that were shot earlier this year.

She was one of the Ikettes, whose one claim to fame was a great girl-group early soul song, "I'm Blue" ("I'm bluuu-uu-uuue, shoo-be-do-be-do-be-do..."), which Ken probably would have played had he been a DJ in the early '60s.

Anonymous said...

Umm, does anyone else have a problem with the idea of BBC America showing a Star Trek marathon? shouldn't they be showing something more, I don't know, British?

Tim W. said...

They should have an ACTUAL marathon. Maybe a chance for everyone to work off all that food everybody eats over Thanksgiving.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Anonymous: given that Britain doesn't *celebrate* Thanksgiving (despite encroachment of expatriates), you're lucky to get *any* marathon at all out of the BBC.

PS I can't remember if it was on Thanksgiving, but one year I watched a marathon on PBS - a full run of I, Claudius. Now, *that's* a marathon.

John D'Oh said...

This list is both amazing and frightening.

Paul Duca said...

Ken...Centric is a black-oriented cable channel, as in "Afro-Centric".

Anonymous commenting on STAR TREK (THE NEXT GENERATION) on BBC America...two words--Patrick Stewart.

And how soon until you post this year's pie in the face footage?

Pat Reeder said...

I saw that some channel, maybe local, was having a "Three's Company" marathon. As far as I can tell, that appears to be the new regular programming on TV Land. To me, any two minutes of that show is a marathon.

Paul Duca said...

Pat...this afternoon TV Land had an ANDY GRIFFITH marathon.

Buttermilk Sky said...

I'm surprised you omitted Major League Baseball Network and its Classic World Series highlights marathon. It got me through the day.

Coach said...

It's nice to see so many people getting fit for the holidays.

WagonMonkey said...

watching the "Thanksgiving Orphans" episode of Cheers is my only set traditon for this day. Everything else falls into place around it.

birdie said...

haha - i watched part of the three's c marathon today - it was antenna tv. i know this is a cheers/mash/frasier oriented board that looks down on the lighter shows, but i"ll always love it, and actually it holds up much better than some of the so-called "important" shows (ahem maude/murphy brown/glee et al). anyhoo, naysayers be damned it kind of made my day.:) they ran some of my favorite episodes too (cue jeffrey tambor!) then i switched to arrested development.

Coach said...

It's nice to see so many people getting fit for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I discovered The X-Files "back in the day" when I was horribly sick on Thanksgiving and watched a marathon all day and night on FX, so I can't begrudge a turkey day 'thon because they gave me Mulder & Scully!

Paul Duca said...

Birdie...some of don't have Antenna TV--what ARE the three C's?


Rob G said...

Not to mention TVLAND'S all 'commericals' marathon!b Funny, I don't remember Andy Griffith being a 37 minute show.

KXB said...

Have to ask: did the Michael Jackson marathon include all his noses, facial features, and skin tones, or wasn't there enough time?

Ressfor said...

Paul Duca: You mean THREE words: SIR Patrick Stewart.

Dean Minderman said...

VP81955, I'm impressed that you know "I'm Blue," but confused by your assertion that it was the Ikettes' "sole claim to fame."

Most people know them as the backup singers/dancers for Ike & Tina, and not so much as recording artists in their own right. So, at least for people who know "I'm Blue," wouldn't that be _two_ claims to fame? I'm just sayin...

(Full disclosure: I'm from St. Louis and know Robbie Montgomery - backed up her and Bonnie Bramlett, another former Ikette, once at a show raising $$ for charity, and have played something like 200 Friday-lunch gigs at Sweetie Pie's over the past four years.)

Len said...

Ah, the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW marathon on TVLand. Where 25 minute sitcoms are hacked down to 20 minutes and then aired in 35 minute timeslots. One of these days the commercials are going to run longer than the programs.

birdie said...

paul duca - meant three's company, sorry about that. was respondng to pat reeder's comment.

Matt Patton said...

Ah, Deadly Women. One of the great bad shows of modern television. Quickie re-enactments of murders committed by, well, women, while we cut to various talking heads (usually true-crime writers or freelance "criminal profilers --" show them a messy crime scene and they'll deduce that the criminal was disorganized), while all is held together by a breathy-voiced female narrator. At least five times a segment, the re-enactment actress portraying the Femme Fatale du jour is required to stare into the camera buggy-eyed while brandishing a gun or waving a knife about, just in case you'd forgotten how EeeeVillll she's supposed to be.